Taliban terrorists


Taliban attempts to attack Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Taliban terrorists spotted on the border of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Against the background of high tensions between the Taliban terrorists (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) And such republics as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, it became known that the militants sent several hundred militants to the border of these countries, including both elite jihadist units and suicide bombers. Militants are allegedly already attempting to attack Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

A few hours ago, the acting Minister of Defense of the interim government of Afghanistan, Mavlavi Mujahid, in an ultimatum, demanded that the authorities of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan return to Afghanistan the military aircraft and helicopters located on the territory of these countries, which were hijacked by the pilots of the Afghan Air Force during the militants' attack and the seizure of power in Afghanistan. ...

According to the "Telegram" -channel "WarLife", several hundred terrorists have already been deployed on the border of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In this regard, it is logical to expect a serious escalation in the region, although earlier Russia had toughly warned Taliban terrorists about the inadmissibility of attacking neighboring countries.

“The Taliban sent a newly formed battalion of special forces and suicide bombers to the border with Tajikistan. In connection with increased tensions between Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the Taliban over the interneed military aircraft of the former Afghan regime, the sides are sending reinforcements to the border line. ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "WarLife".

Here's a shame! It seems that Russia has just set out to build something in Afghanistan, and that's a bummer! Or not a bummer?

Our government, like the President, is silent, they will then start talking when the Taliban captures Tajikistan and Uzbekistan !!!!

After the collapse of the union, all the republics got the military property of the Soviet Union. But Tajikistan didn’t get anything. The Soviet Union gave all our lands to the Uzbeks and Kyrgyz who came to Central Asia in the 16th century, and these nomads today added our culture and our scientists to themselves. Today Putin is doing everything so that the Tajiks are poor and dependent on Russia. Russia finances and supports the Taliban terrorists who kill hundreds of Tajiks every day in Afghanistan. The Tajik government should look for a reliable ally