Taliban on a tank


Taliban seek to encircle up to 200 US troops in western Afghanistan

The Taliban are preparing to storm a base with 200 US troops in western Afghanistan.

Members of the Taliban movement (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Took control of the city of Herat about a day ago and began moving towards the base, on the territory of which up to 200 American troops are still stationed. Apparently, the Taliban intend to storm the military facility, together with the American servicemen, as previously reported by the news agency Avia.pro.

As follows from the materials presented, the city of Herat has completely come under the control of the Taliban and the latter have already begun to advance towards Shindand, which is only a hundred kilometers from Herat. According to some reports, the Pentagon intends to begin an emergency evacuation of its troops by ground transport, however, given the Taliban network, the likelihood of a jihadist attack is very high.

Earlier, the United States announced that American troops completely left the territory of Afghanistan, thereby hiding the fact that there are still several hundred servicemen on the territory of the country.

Given the pace of the Taliban's advance, within the next XNUMX hours they can reach Shindand and begin an assault on the base with American servicemen. Also noteworthy is the fact that at the base in Shindand there may be heavy weapons, which will be impossible to evacuate.

There is no need to escalate: the Taliban will not destroy the amers, they will let them leave, leaving behind their weapons.

During the Soviet era, there were no Taliban. There were mujahideen. Taliban emerged after 1994

.... during the times of the USSR, the Taliban hastily dumped them, fleeing from Shindand and Herat to the mountainous regions ..