Taliban threaten to take over Tajikistan within a week

The Taliban terrorist movement threatens to take over Tajikistan in just a week.

Such threats were made against the Russian ally by the military command of the terrorist movement "Taliban" (banned on the territory of Russia - ed. note). The threat seems even more than likely against the background of the fact that in the regions of Afghanistan bordering on Tajikistan there is a high activity of the Taliban, the movement of military equipment and the arrangement of position areas of militants are recorded.

The deputy commander of the 217th Taliban army corps, Mullah Jan Mohammad Hamza, known as Mullah Jan, issued a statement in which he stressed that the Taliban forces were capable of capturing Tajikistan within a week. Given the earlier threats against Tajikistan, this forced the Tajik army to bring troops even closer to the border with Afghanistan in order to avoid a surprise attack. At the moment, the army of Tajikistan is deployed only 12 kilometers from the border with Afghanistan. It is noteworthy that relatively recently the terrorists assured that they did not plan to conduct military activities against neighboring countries, but would help strengthen both Afghanistan itself and the region as a whole.

Earlier it became known that Russia is ready to ensure the security of Tajikistan from the terrorists of the Taliban movement, while it is more than likely that the CSTO countries may also join the situation.