Kabul Airport


Taliban take control of part of Kabul airport

The Taliban have partially taken control of Kabul International Airport.

Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Entered the territory of the Kabul International Airport and occupied half of its territory. It is known that initially the American military tried to provide some kind of resistance to the Taliban (it did not come to clashes - ed.), However, after negotiations, apparently with senior officials, the Taliban were allowed to enter the air harbor and at the moment they control about half of the airport area.

According to preliminary data, the appearance of Taliban terrorists at the Kabul International Airport is due to the readiness of the United States to transfer the air harbor under Taliban control this night, since according to sources in Kabul, the American military is completing the evacuation from Afghanistan, and the further evacuation of civilians will be led directly by the militants. ...

It is known that with the appearance of the Taliban at the Kabul airport, the number of citizens wishing to enter the territory of the air harbor for further evacuation has significantly decreased. At the same time, it is reported that the militants are using physical force against those who are trying to break through to evacuation flights or interfere with the takeoffs and landings of aircraft.

Earlier it became known that the Taliban allowed the transfer of control over the Kabul International Airport to the Turkish military.


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