Taliban hijacked 108 helicopters and 23 combat aircraft

The Taliban managed to capture 108 military helicopters and 23 combat aircraft.

Members of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned in Russia - ed.) Managed to capture 108 military helicopters of the Afghan and US Air Forces, as well as 23 combat aircraft, which today poses a very serious threat to neighboring countries, including Russian allies ... In addition, the militants had at their disposal 8 tactical drones, over 2000 armored vehicles, 176 artillery pieces of various calibers and about 534 thousand units of various types of small arms.

Today, the Taliban pose a very serious threat to neighboring states and, judging by the latest statements by terrorist leaders, the militants do not intend to stop only at seizing power in Afghanistan, which forced Russia to transfer new tanks, modern weapons and other equipment to neighboring Tajikistan.

“For comparison, Tajikistan has only 26 helicopters in service. This is four times less than that of the Taliban fighters. Despite the fact that the militants have only light attack aircraft, the latter may well strike at neighboring countries, and, given the terrorist activities of the Taliban, an escalation should be expected not only in the coming years, but probably in the coming months. ", - the expert marks.

Earlier it became known that the Taliban fighters managed to capture at least 20 Elbrus tactical missiles, about half of which could well be used to strike other countries.