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Taliban hijacked two US military aircraft

The Taliban have hijacked US military aircraft.

The Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Managed to seize by force at least two American military aircraft and several helicopters at one of the American military bases. As it became known, in addition to military equipment, the Taliban also had missiles at their disposal. This, in turn, gives terrorists very wide opportunities.

According to Al-Arabiya TV channel, several military helicopters are in a usable condition. (there is no information on the captured aircraft - editor's note). So far, the Taliban have a number of problems in using these weapons, since neither among the terrorists, nor among the pilots of the Afghan Air Force who have joined them, there are no specialists capable of flying American military helicopters.

A number of sources claim that the Taliban, who broke through to one of the military bases, simply disarmed the American military and seized equipment that was preparing to be evacuated to Kabul. At the same time, representatives of the Pentagon do not officially comment on this data.

To date, the Taliban are already armed with more than 60 military aircraft and helicopters, as a result of which the terrorist movement poses a rather serious threat.

Two more planes - two more skyscrapers.

Well, you know how it really was. Show us the truth. And if you just do not believe in the information, there is no need to tell everyone about it.

We gave the Taliban what they wanted to convey.

American Air Force planes hijacked?
Or were the planes supplied by the Americans to the Afghan Air Force hijacked?

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