Taliban captured 4 more fully operational Mi-17 helicopters

Afghan jihadists managed to capture 4 more Mi-17 helicopters.

During the storming of the Afghan city of Herat, which was captured a few hours ago, the Taliban managed to get into service at least four more fully operational Mi-17 helicopters. It is reported that the helicopters were supposed to evacuate officials. The latter, simply, did not have time to plunge into helicopters and fly to Kabul, as they were captured by militants, and the pilots of the Afghan Air Force went over to the side of the invaders.

To date, the jihadists are already armed with 8 Mi-17 helicopters, six of which, including those captured now, are fully operational and can be used by the Taliban not only to transfer their forces and weapons, but also to strike at the positions of the Afghan army.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the capture of helicopters in Herat. Moreover, if the previously captured rotorcraft were fully equipped with ammunition, then, judging by the video, the now captured rotorcraft have no weapons.

A little earlier it became known that at least 6 more Mi-35 attack helicopters could be located in the areas of Afghanistan already under the control of militants.

It is estimated that during the summer offensive, the Taliban seized more than 2000 wheeled armored vehicles and vehicles, three tanks, about 10 helicopters (not officially confirmed - ed.), A number of 122mm D-30 howitzers.


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