Taliban captured Kabul in 4 hours - it was expected to take six months

It took the Taliban 4 hours to capture the capital of Afghanistan.

Members of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned in Russia - ed.) Captured the capital of Afghanistan in just four hours and announced the establishment of full control over the country. Initially, the United States announced that the assault on Kabul would last at least five months, however, the tough conditions set by the Taliban forced the Afghan authorities to surrender Kabul without any meaningful resistance.

Around noon, it became known that 13 out of 18 districts of the Afghan capital are already under Taliban control. By the current hour, only the airport and diplomatic missions of a number of countries remain outside the control of the Taliban, although in the case of Russia the Taliban promised security to Russian diplomats, in the case of the United States the situation is much more complicated.

Last Friday, Washington ordered another XNUMX US troops to be sent to Afghanistan next Sunday. Now the situation is such that the planes with the American military will simply not be able to land on the territory of this country, while the American troops remaining in Afghanistan are likely to become the subject of discussion between the Taliban and Washington. In case of resistance, the Taliban announced that they would immediately destroy a group of several thousand NATO troops.

Earlier, the specialist had already conducted analytics, stating that the assault on Kabul was supposed to begin in the area of ​​today's lunch, suggesting that it would take no more than 48 hours to capture the capital, however, the militants managed to do it much faster.

Why risk our embassy?

Headache. It is not in Geneva to chat about anything.

Again, on the edge of an abyss. If we get into a quarrel with the Taliban, we don't even want to think about it, it's just bloodshed.

New "toothache" for Russia

Yes, shame on the US and NATO.



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