Capturing a helicopter


Taliban captured Mi-35 attack helicopter, ready for battle

The Taliban now has a fully operational Mi-35 helicopter.

The terrorists of the Taliban movement (banned on the territory of Russia - ed.) Managed to capture a fully combat-ready Russian Mi-35 helicopter, which was in service with the Afghan army. As it turned out, in addition to the fact that the helicopter is completely ready for flight, it has a full ammunition load on board. Now it creates an even greater threat from the Taliban.

It is known that today several Afghan military pilots are held captive by the Taliban, who may well, under threats, lift a combat rotorcraft into the air and use it to strike at a number of regions of Afghanistan in order to ensure the further capture of the country's territory by the Taliban.

“Taliban militants have seized the airport in the Afghan city of Kunduz, abandoned by government forces. On the runway, the Taliban found a Mi-35 attack helicopter (export version of the Mi-24V) of the country's Air Force. In 2018, the Indian authorities purchased and repaired four helicopters in Belarus, and in 2019 donated them to the Afghan troops. According to some reports, the combat vehicle is out of order. The city of Kunduz is captured by the Taliban. The servicemen of the Afghan Armed Forces surrendered almost in full force to the militants of the group. It is noted that there are combat pilots among those who surrendered. Their fate is a matter of concern, tk. the Taliban have been hunting them for many years because of the air strikes. ", says Directorate 4.

For what reasons the Afghan army did not evacuate this vehicle is unknown.

Always surprised by the combat readiness of churban armies. At the first danger of hand "up the hill" and run without looking back. Why the state maintains such a herd of parasites is not clear. And this applies not only to Afghanistan. Before the hostilities in Karabakh, a lot of Azerbaijanis closed and sold their business, and left for their homeland (Rep. Khakassia). But the Armenians did not go anywhere. And I personally know many who, with their characteristic Caucasian temperament, "show" their love for their homeland, but they do not "burn" to go and defend it with a desire.

Yeah captured.
Amerekantsi gave it to them on a saucer with a golden bed!

Mi-24D = Mi-25 *

Mi-25 = mi-25. Mi-24V / P = Mi-35V / P, respectively.

The export variants of the Mi-24 were called the Mi-35.

The author, the Mi-35 has a short wing, and the landing gear is not retractable.

do they have pilots?


The blades under the helicopter ...

how it will take off without propellers

There is a big difference between flying an airplane and a helicopter, so it's not that simple.

The export version of the Mi-24 helicopter is called the Mi-25.

Where are the blades of the helicopter? Is he fully combat-ready? Takeoff won't even be able to drive



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