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Taliban banned Ukrainian military aircraft from landing in Kabul

The Taliban did not allow a Ukrainian military plane to enter Kabul.

About a day ago, members of the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - editor's note) banned the Ukrainian military plane Il-76 from landing at the Kabul International Airport. It is reported that the Ukrainian side did not notify the Taliban about the purpose of the plane's visit to Afghanistan and sent its plane to this country without the consent of the already provisional Afghan authorities.

According to some reports, the Taliban did not like the fact that Ukrainian military specialists and mercenaries removed equipment for flight equipment from the country. Earlier, in particular, it was reported that the Il-76 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, which had left the Kabul airport a few days earlier, was carrying engines for Mi-17 and Mi-35 helicopters, as well as spare parts, allegedly removed from the helicopters of the Afghan Air Force. ... Speech, in particular, can be about banal looting.

It is known that another Ukrainian Air Force plane was to land in Kabul this afternoon in order to pick up several dozen Ukrainian citizens, however, there is still no information that the Ukrainian Air Force plane was allowed to land in Kabul.

Earlier, the media reported that the Ukrainian authorities reported that there are no more Ukrainian citizens in Afghanistan who would like to leave the country. It turned out that we are talking about dozens of people, including, according to some sources, military specialists who had previously collaborated with the Afghan army.

That is, did I understand correctly that the Ukrainians first of all removed the equipment and property, and left people for later? After all, it will come in handy faster for use in the east, and people can always be found.

everyone knows that some Ukrainians are thieves. The name "Ukrgaz" alone was worth it.



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