Taliban Afghanistan


Taliban said they would attack the United States in case of new attacks on Afghanistan

Biden's recklessness almost caused the Taliban to attack American troops.

After a few hours ago, an American attack unmanned aerial vehicle launched a missile attack on members of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) In Afghanistan, and this was personally ordered by US President Joe Biden , the Taliban announced that they would not allow any strikes on the territory of the country even if the terrorists were eliminated, threatening to attack US forces.

The leadership of the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Did not like the fact that the US military operates in Afghanistan without direct consultation with the Taliban, which is an attack on Afghan territory. The Taliban have threatened the United States with very serious consequences if such incidents happen again.

Official Washington has not yet commented on the situation. Experts believe that until all American servicemen are evacuated from the territory of Afghanistan, the United States will not conduct new special operations against members of the Islamic State, since the Taliban's threats are very serious. Nevertheless, Joe Biden said the night before that the US strikes on Afghanistan would continue.

"The United States will not limit itself to one airstrike on terrorists of the" Islamic State "in Afghanistan and will continue to pursue all those involved in the explosion at the Kabul airport."Biden said after the Taliban's threats.

Round-the-corner kicks are in the spirit of the Americans. They killed the child and are happy.



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