Tank RF Armata


Tank RF T-14 "Armata", equipped with artificial intelligence, successfully detected and identified all targets

The T-14 "Armata" tank equipped with artificial intelligence has successfully passed all the necessary tests.

As part of the next stage of testing the newest Russian heavy tank T-14 "Armata", it became known that the artificial intelligence of this combat vehicle was being tested. So, as part of new tests, the Russian heavy tank was able to successfully identify and accurately identify all targets.

“The Armata fire control system (FCS) has a digital catalog with signatures of typical battlefield targets, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters, and so on. Elements of artificial intelligence allow the on-board computing facilities of the machine to independently search for targets against the background of a complex underlying surface, recognize them, including by the part of the object visible from behind the shelter, carry out selection by priority and take them for escort. ", - says a source in the country's military-industrial complex.

Such capabilities of the Russian tank can significantly increase the effectiveness of combat, since the crew will be able to primarily hit those targets that pose the greatest threat or are of the greatest importance.

It should be noted that according to earlier statements, testing of the newest Russian T-14 Armata tank continues, however, deliveries of pre-production models for the Russian army are planned for this year.