Armata tank


Tanks of the Russian Federation T-14 Armata are not planned to be delivered to the armament of the Russian army in 2021

In 2021, there will be no deliveries of T-14 "Armata" tanks to the troops.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the year it was announced plans to supply the Russian army with an initial batch of T-14 "Armata" tanks, and starting from next year to start supplying serial tanks, there was information that deliveries of a pre-production batch are expected in the current the year does not follow.

It is known that the transfer of the pilot batch of T-14 "Armata" tanks was really planned, however, what caused the cancellation of this decision is unknown. According to a number of previously published data, the Russian military vehicles of the new generation could show technical flaws, in connection with which the serial production of the T-14 "Armata" tanks was postponed for several years.

To date, it is known that the Russian T-14 Armata tank has passed not only state tests, but also tests in real combat conditions - this machine, according to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, was tested on the territory of Syria, obviously taking more directly participation in battles against illegal armed groups in the Syrian province of Idlib.