DPR tank formations are on full alert, waiting for an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces for several hours

The DPR forces are on full alert.

A few hours ago it became known that all the armored formations of the Donetsk, and, probably, of the Lugansk People's Republics, were put on full alert. The reason for this was the information that appeared that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were preparing to launch a large-scale attack in Donbass within the next 24 hours - information on this matter was probably obtained by intercepting the radio broadcast.

According to the data available to the news agency, the DPR forces deployed at least 20 tanks on the front lines, while there is information about the deployment of firing points from several dozen anti-tank missile systems, which indicates that the situation in the region is indeed very quickly heated up.

Experts draw attention to the fact that despite the clear superiority of the armored forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass, the DPR forces may be able to repel even several massive attacks, since the offensive will be conducted in open areas.

A few hours earlier, it became known about the probable transfer to Ukraine and six Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicles, which may also be involved in the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Already intervened. Tank division and airborne division approached the line with the Armed Forces

Donbass in Arabic - square

Serbia tried to return its territory, which was captured by alien Albanians. It ended very sadly for the Serbs.

Serbia fought for its territories with the alien Albanians in Kosovo. it ended not very well for the Serbs

Chota tanks from the militia are clearly not T-90
Even in Syria, the Asadavs have them ... it would be necessary to help people with technology

p.p. 3; four; 4 - nonsense

What for? Close the business of SB and others in Ukraine. After all, the Russian Federation is the second in the rating of trading partners.

You know about the word intervention from your fascinating article - no.
Be sure to read, interference in the affairs of another sovereign violating his sovereignty will lead to big problems for both Russia and all states that intervene in the conflict about Donbass.
Ukraine is trying to reclaim its territories, and what's wrong with that?
That is, it is normal to shoot from the territory of Russia at another state, but it is not possible to recapture your territories. Very strange

The RF has no choice. If Ukraine attacks Donbass, Russian forces will smash it. Well, or culturally speaking, peacekeepers will be introduced to protect the civilian population. This is a question of the reputation of the state, both domestically and in foreign policy. And no sanctions will change this.

Really couch, only not analytics, but delirium of a schizophrenic. RF will not interfere.

Missile and bomb strikes will be carried out on clusters, warehouses, etc. without entering the territory.

In the event of the start of the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas

1. The RF Armed Forces will destroy all air defense systems of Ukraine, control and communications centers, all aviation with a missile salvo;

2. Russian aviation will destroy all ammunition depots and fuel and lubricants depots;

3. The special forces troops will land in Kiev. The entire leadership will be arrested;

4. All power structures will be asked to transfer to service in the power structures of the Russian Federation with the retention of ranks, positions and salaries;

5. The leaders of the LDNR will take leading positions in the Ukrainian government until the new elections.

It will take 5 days.

Such is my sofa analytics. In my opinion, this is understandable to any sane Ukrainian. If there are still such ...

Not at all. Was Russia to blame for the coming of the Batyev horde? Maybe Russia is to blame that the Swedes came to Poltava? Or that Napoleon moved to Moscow? Or maybe it was the Union's fault that the Nazis at the head of all of Europe attacked us?

what will be - that will not escape. I personally am against war. But today in the world all issues are resolved by force. There is no place for justice. In any conflict, both sides are to blame. This is the opinion of psychologists and politicians. It is a pity that a reasonable approach is not possible!