Taran in Syria


The ramming of the Russian armored personnel carrier of the US armored car gave the result - the Americans have not been shown on the routes of the military in Syria for six months

After a tough response to the Americans, the US Army no longer appears in the path of patrolling Russian troops.

After at the end of August 2020, a Russian armored personnel carrier rammed an American armored vehicle at full speed, dragging it along several tens of meters, as a result of which four American servicemen were hospitalized, the US army no longer risks appearing on the routes of movement of Russian troops and how -or prevent them. Such a tough response from Russia convinced the Americans that in the future the Russian military would use weapons in such clashes.

Over the past six months, the American military has not once set up its checkpoints on the route of the advance of Russian troops and did not interfere with their movement, obviously having received a clear signal that Russia has an advantage both in strength and in technology. Moreover, the US military has stopped its attempts to break through the observation posts of Russian and Syrian troops west of the city of Qamishli, which indicates that the ban on the escalation of the situation in Syria came directly from Washington - the presence of American forces in the Arab republic is illegal, and Russia has the right to use any methods of removing "obstacles".

In turn, experts also pay attention to the attempts of the Americans to gain a foothold on the border of Syria and Iraq, however, local residents are also not happy with the presence of the latter here.

Why is the UN silent, or are Russia and Syria not raising questions?

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