Airline Ak Bars Aero


Tatarstan airline "Ak Bars Aero" is going to stop flights

The carrier "Ak Bars Aero"Suspends flights.

Only carrier Tatarstan has stopped selling tickets on its flights after 11 January next year, and at the moment the information that the ticket sales will resume there. As it became known, the air carrier Tatarstan "Ak Bars Aero" flights became unprofitable after the collapse of the national currency, and it is possible that the airline is forced to, will plead as soon bankrupt.

In recent years, even before the collapse of the ruble airline "Ak Bars Aero" already experienced serious financial difficulties, with this case is not the only one on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The main problem for the functioning of the single airlines in Tatarstan is that the air carrier has to pay for its aircraft in foreign currencies and thus turns out that the company is forced to pay almost two times more than it was before the fall of the ruble.

In addition, the leadership of the Tatarstan air carrier Ak Bars Aero stated that at the moment negotiations are under way with Rosaviation on the provision of subsidies, and most likely the fate of the airline will depend on this.