Missing Malaysian aircraft


A Thai radar caught the airplane in 6 minutes after its disappearance

19 March. There was official information on the case of the loss of a Malaysian aircraft Boeing 777-200, Which disappeared more than 10 days ago along with 239 passengers including 12 crew members of the airplane

During the fact that 26 countries of the world are already participating in search activities, it was possible to obtain official information that 6 minutes after the Malaysian airliner disappeared from the radars of local airports, it was discovered by Thai radar. Since the plane was in the distance, and was not identified, this situation was not given much importance, and only after Malaysia officially requested information, the data from the radar were provided.

Recall that 18 March, there was official information that in the house of one of the pilots were found the maps of the runways of the US air base located in the Indian Ocean, to 1600 kilometers south of the Indian subcontinent. The information received from the Thai radar confirms that the plane was moving in this direction, and therefore, it is likely to be expected that in the near future the aircraft will be searched in another area, more specifically in the Andaman Islands area.