Taiwan is ours! In China, gathered to drown the Americans, in case of the slightest provocation

China is ready to attack American ships off the coast of Taiwan without warning.

After statements from the United States about its readiness to defend Taiwan's sovereignty, China announced its readiness for any confrontation, including through an attack on any American warships, both those entering the territorial waters of China and those close to them.

Currently, there are several US missile destroyers in the region that may try to counter the PRC authorities to gain control of the region, as previously reported in Beijing. Nevertheless, given the tough stance of China, experts believe that if the United States decides to intervene in this matter, the consequences for Washington could be very tragic, since the real superiority of forces in this region is on the side of China.

US President Donald Trump also reacted rather radically to the current situation, although at the moment he did not voice plans to intervene in the situation

“The benefits and preferences provided to Hong Kong by the United States will be reviewed. Hong Kong could be the future for China, but China is pulling it into the past. The US State Department will revise its recommendations for visiting Hong Kong in a negative direction "- declared Trump.

Experts believe that in the near future the situation in this region may become very aggravated.

Vasya, in fact, the area of ​​China is slightly larger than the USA. China is the 3rd country in the world by area.

about the sinking of American ships, probably a joke or an ordinary idle talk China with its small territory and a huge number of people is an ideal target so do not tell, and besides, China and the USA are so tied up by industries that this will be the collapse of the whole world