Taiwan fires heavy artillery at Taiwan Strait waters

Taiwan launched heavy artillery strikes on the waters of the Taiwan Strait.

This happened against the backdrop, according to local sources, of aggressive actions by the PRC, in connection with which the Taiwanese military were forced to take similar steps and conduct exercises with artillery firing from large-caliber guns across the Taiwan Strait. It is known that 155 mm were used for strikes. ammunition and multiple launch rocket systems. This indicates that the authorities of the island only exacerbate tensions in the region.

In the presented photographs, you can see the process of firing on the waters of the Taiwan Strait. It is noteworthy that Taipei did not advertise the conduct of military exercises, thereby intending to prevent provocations from China.

Despite the fact that the situation in the region is currently relatively stable, experts note that the risk of full-scale armed clashes still exists, however, this is primarily due to the fact that the United States is seriously heating up the situation by sending delegations to the island without coordination with Beijing, knowing full well that the latter will be far from delighted with such actions by Washington.