Taiwan sends thousands of FPV drones to Ukraine

Ukraine receives thousands of FPV drones from Taiwan, fully ready for combat use.

Small unmanned aerial vehicles capable of carrying ammunition, easily destroying even well-armored vehicles, are actively supplied to Ukraine from Taiwan. At the moment, it is known that the Ukrainian military, volunteers and mercenaries receive drones already fully equipped and can begin to use them directly.

To date, it has been found out that Taiwan has already provided Ukraine with several thousand small drones. Remarkably, the prices for such drones in other countries remain very high, however, apparently, Ukraine can receive them either for free or at a big discount. Moreover, judging by the photographs of drones, the latter are being prepared for combat use right at the factories for their production.

The critical danger of these drones was previously stated by Russian journalist Vladlen Tatarsky, noting that drones are capable of inflicting extremely serious damage in one group raid, and therefore, despite their small size, very great attention should be given to these targets.

It is noteworthy that in Ukraine they began to form special units to start the mass use of such drones.


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