Tehran: Iran delivered its air defenses to Syria at the request of Damascus to replace Russian S-300

Damascus humiliated Russian weapons by abandoning their exploitation.

Despite some agreements between Russia and Syria regarding the further presence of Iran on the territory of the Arab republic, it became known that Damascus not only refused to fulfill such agreements, but also ordered modern air defense systems from Iran to replace the “non-working” Russian S-300 air defense systems , who have allowed several dozen Israeli attacks in two years.

“In his statement, Iranian army spokesman Abu Fadl Sikaraji said that the Syrian authorities have asked Tehran to provide expert assistance and strengthen its defenses to cope with the threat of attacks from outside. “Iran has sent military experts to Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. In addition, we have deployed some air defense systems in Syria at the request of the Damascus government. The economic conditions do not allow us to give everything for free to our allies, and sometimes they have to pay for it, ”said a spokesman for Sikaraji. Tehran has donated Bavar-373 and Khordad-3 interceptor missile systems to Damascus to enhance its ability to respond to Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, according to Iranian media published in the daily Raialyoum. Bavar-373 is an Iranian-made long-range surface-to-air system (equivalent to the S-300) with a range of 50-75 kilometers (up to 250 kilometers - editor's note) ", - about it сообщает DatViet edition.

Judging by the fact that we are already talking about the sending of Iranian military specialists, the Iranian air defense systems were transferred to Syria, but probably not put on alert, and, apparently, the Iranian air defense will be controlled using Chinese radar equipment, since an earlier statement in the PRC media, it is thanks to the Chinese radar deployed near the border with Lebanon that the Syrian military is able to repel the IDF attacks at least partially.

Russia has nothing to shoot down Israeli planes with. Even the same S-400 has never been tested in combat conditions at all. Never ever! All talk about the power of Russian air defense, alas, is only propaganda.

The Syrians are tired of the Kremlin's betrayal. The agreement between Putin and Natanyahu on the unpunished bombing of Syria cannot be interpreted otherwise.

The problem, rather, rests not on the quality of the S-300, but on who sits at the control panel. If we are given an order from above "not to shoot down" Israeli planes, then they will not shoot down, and the "monkey with a grenade" is not able to do it on his own.