The pace of hostilities in Ukraine will be reduced in the coming months

The United States announced a decrease in the pace of hostilities in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that in the summer and autumn active hostilities were recorded on the territory of Ukraine almost along the entire front line, according to American intelligence, the minimum activity of battles will be recorded in the coming months. The situation will last until the spring of next year.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes notes that a similar situation will be observed in each of the parties, as there are certain problems that are expected to be resolved during the winter period. According to Haynes, both sides will try to "refit, resupply and recuperate" for a counteroffensive in the spring.

Among other things, weather conditions will also interfere with any counter-offensive actions - until the soil freezes, it is not possible to move heavy military equipment, and therefore combat clashes will be conducted exclusively at distances.

It is not known how seriously the situation will change next spring.


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