“Now let's shoot!”: Russia handed over to Syria even more “Shell-S” to protect it from American fighters. Video

Russia transferred to Syria additional Pantsir-S air defense missile systems.

The information that appeared a few days ago that Russia transferred additional air defense equipment to the Syrian military received confirmation today. This is evidenced by the corresponding video recordings demonstrating how the Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems "Shell-S" are being moved to the northeastern part of Syria, where, obviously, they will be used to destroy American aircraft and the so-called international coalition.

According to the user of the “Within Syria” Twitter account, the Shell-S missile systems seen in northeast Syria are Russia's help.

“With the help of Russia, the SAA is starting to deploy the Pantsir-S1 air defense systems in northeast Syria. In the near future, a full-fledged air defense network with various systems will be created in the region ”- said in the message.

Quite unusual is the hint of combining it with other air defense systems, since today it is only known that the Pantsir-S air defense systems can only be integrated with the S-300 air defense systems and the S-400 air defense systems, which does not exclude the possibility that the Syrian C-300 deployed at the moment near Macyaf will be distributed throughout Syria to provide the most effective protection.

“This is the right step to protect the airspace of Syria. A network created by various types of air defense systems will completely block access to Syrian airspace», - the expert marks.

When the shell is integrated into a single network with the C-400, it stands at a considerable distance without the operation of its own radar and therefore is not visible to reconnaissance and defeat enemies.

The latest warning once again?