Now even more dangerous: Ukrainian naval kamikaze drones now carry a charge weighing 860 kilograms

Ukraine has made significant progress in developing and improving its unmanned boats, expanding their operational capabilities. New data indicates that Ukrainian unmanned boats are now capable of operating at a distance of up to 950 kilometers, which significantly expands the geography of their use. In addition, they can carry explosive charges weighing about 860 kg (comparable to the weight of two warheads of the Iskander OTRK missiles), which increases their potential threat.

These technological improvements make Ukrainian unmanned boats especially dangerous for Russian military and civilian installations located not only in the coastal zones of Crimea, but throughout the Black Sea. Such boats are already actively used by Ukraine to carry out sabotage attacks, primarily aimed at targets of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

In response to these developments, the Russian Navy will need to strengthen its security measures, increasing its level of vigilance and improving its ability to timely detect and neutralize Ukrainian drones.


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