Now do not fly! Russia blocked Israeli F-35 only route to Syria

Israeli F-35s will no longer be able to fly to Syria undetected.

The deployment of a large Russian military base in eastern Syria allows Israeli airplanes to completely close the passageways to eastern Syria to launch air strikes against Syrian and Iranian military installations. Given the fact that modern radar and air defense systems will be deployed in this region, this will allow the interception of Israeli combat aircraft, including the Israeli F-35, which, according to some reports, was used to covertly penetrate the airspace of the SAR with the purpose of striking.

Experts draw attention to the fact that with the advent of a Russian military base in eastern Syria, this will enable Russian troops to take complete control of the region, closing flights to both Israeli and American combat aircraft.

“With the deployment of Russian military bases in the eastern part of the SAR, we can say that there will be no further American reinforcement in this Middle East region, since if there is a great desire, Russia may completely leave the American military under siege, and as for Tel Aviv , then any Israeli aggression can ultimately lead to the fact that even modern Israeli F-35s under threat of destruction can force them to land at one of the military bases in Syria - this shame in Tel Aviv is clearly not going to survive ”, - the expert marks.

A hungry kuma has one thing in mind. Tea is not 45th, we will not die of hunger. A disease is better to prevent than to cure. So it is here. The enemy needs to be destroyed on the approaches than in the country.

Who are you that you write such nonsense. Who wants to join Syria. Don’t lie. And if you live poorly, you yourself are to blame.

So will the Syrians be bombed

Our president is great. What do you suggest? Look away at everything that happens. The ridge is already broken. Great Russia

Our "great" president cannot ensure a normal life for his people, and if we join Syria to Russia, let’s go for peace !!!

What a shame? What have never been shot? This is not a shame. Let them fear without rocket launches.

So no one flies over Syria, if you have not noticed. Israeli planes do not risk flying in, but attack from the territory of neighboring states. Isn’t it? So what's the bluster?

Israel can be so despised that Mama Do not Cry. nobody has yet canceled the radius of rockets. and the territory of Israel is not so large. Everything is crowded.

Moysha, where are you?

and "specialist" in which office works? The one that sends manuals?

The legend is fresh, but it is hard to believe.

were already c300 and shell and what else,!?

our answer to Israel should be completely different - give the Russian language - the second state language !!

Article written by Kremlin dreamers? Israel is at home there, and Russia is in the kingdom of Far Far Away. One Israeli plane will land - will our entire base be covered, do we need it?

Israel was created Russian, and was already Russian, when the first 5 years the official language was Russian. And now Israel is the 51st state of the USA

Either another deception, or just a desire. You already write about reality, and not the desire of our heirs Serdyukovsky stools. Shame on our air defense for a couple of years all over the world

So it would be very interesting for me to look at such a picture. And do not listen for so many years.

We have been reading this bragging for more than a year. How we all defeated 98 percent of the territory of Syria under the control of the Syrian forces of Assad and Russia. And for two years now there has been a bloody struggle for, apparently, the remaining 2 percent.
Sweet dreams: they even plant Israeli planes. And they can lock the Americans. Well done, let them try.

So the sky over Syria is already 5 years old and is completely controlled by Russia and completely closed to Israel and the USA, what kind of nonsense are you talking about?

So Israel fired at Syria, not flying into its space.

The initial mission of the Russian CSW in Syria was to destroy the terrorists. The mission is impossible because the terrorists in Syria were funded by the United States, some Arab countries, and Europe. Turkey? Al Tanfa? In the past, but there was a meeting of a veteran congressman with the leader of the terrorists ... Without self-understanding, what is the mission of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria to understand the incomprehensible taxpayer needs to make money in Syria!

... the question of the price of shrinkage F35 is acute.

Dreams, dreams ......... what a joy ..... dreams are gone .... there was disgust .......

Will the Israelites not survive the shame?
There is another way - to be shot down and perish.

Ours can only write to the media that they will do something there against Israel. There they will raise such a hi about the "poor :-) and dishonest." I hope one day Israel will become Russian, otherwise I don’t really like something for the turnover)))

It's time to take Syria into Russia. And the thing is the hat, oil painting.

Israeli planes attack targets in Syria from Lebanese airspace ... Therefore, it is problematic to shoot them down to Syrians ... They do not enter Syrian airspace ...

= modern Israeli F-35s under threat of destruction can force to sit on one of the military bases in Syria =.
So what's the deal? Make !, in the end, how much more will you wipe?