Now Orange: An-148 entered the Saratov Airlines fleet


Now Orange: An-148 entered the Saratov Airlines fleet

The other day, in the hangar Saratov Airlines hosted a presentation of the first aircraft AN-148, entered the navy orange carrier. Interior liner is made in a comfortable single-class layout on passenger 83 762 mm increments seats. The airline plans to operate this type of aircraft in areas characterized by low load (for example, Saratov - St. Petersburg). The official presentation of the ship was also timed to coincide with 85-anniversary airlines.

An-148 passenger aircraft was developed by the design bureau. Antonov, at the beginning of the 2000's. The liner is designed for operation on regional airlines up to 4000 km. An-148 is made according to the high-profile scheme with D-436-148 engines placed on pylons under the wing. Such an arrangement makes it possible to increase the level of protection of the engines and the wing structure against damage by foreign objects and to enhance the stability of the wing.

An 148-entered the fleet Saratov Airlines 1

“The choice of An-148 is due to its optimal range and technical characteristics. These are twin-engine turbojet aircraft of domestic production, capable of carrying a relatively small number of passengers on long routes, ”said Alexey Vakhromeev, General Director of Saratov Airlines. “When large air carriers realize hub air services from the Moscow hub, our airline, in its format, develops the network of regional transportation, connecting the subjects of the Russian Federation among themselves.”
Until the end of the year, two An-148-100В aircraft, produced by VASO OJSC - Voronezh Joint-Stock Aircraft Building Company, will be delivered to the Saratov Airlines fleet under a sublease agreement with JSC Rossiya Airlines.