Now Syria can shoot down F-16: Russia handed over to the Syrian Air Force the largest batch of modernized fighters

Russia began to transfer MiG-29 fighters to Syria.

The Syrian Air Force may be the strongest in the region, second only to Israel in its power, due to the fact that Russia began mass deliveries of these combat aircraft to the Arab Republic. Recently, the second batch of MiG-29 fighters, which had previously been mistaken as military aircraft delivered to the Libyan National Army, was delivered to the SAR.

“As part of the military-technical cooperation between Russia and Syria, the Russian side handed over the second batch of upgraded and modernized MiG-29 fighters to Syria during the ceremony at the Khmeimim base,” a military source said. According to the source, the received fighters are more effective than their previous generation, and at the moment they are relocated from the Khmeimim base in the direction of various Syrian air bases. “From June 1, 2020, Syrian pilots will begin flying on these aircraft in Syrian airspace,” the source added., - informing the Syrian news agency SANA.

Thus, the official Damascus completely denied that the MiG-29 fighters were flown from the Khmeimim air base to Libya. However, experts pay attention to the fact that the rearmament of the Syrian Air Force may indicate that in the near future Syria may become one of the countries of the Middle East, where the most modern fighters are present, since the very MiG-29s, especially their modernized versions, significantly exceed the capabilities of F-16 fighters, which are the main combat vehicles for a number of countries.

“Syria, of course, will not be able to oppose anything to the same Israel, but, obviously, for a number of other countries this may be the best edification not to meddle in the Arab Republic, especially since it is still unknown which missiles Russia could transfer to the Syrian Air Force along with these combat aircraft ", - the analyst notes.

Neither Syria nor Russia is going to fight with Israel. But to put in place completely burnt Turks, these aircraft are quite useful!

Well, good. One wonder how we begin to make excuses to the Jews? To teach the Arabs to fight, then it would certainly not be in vain.

“Syria, of course, will not be able to oppose anything to the same Israel,” ... which will obviously continue to bomb Damascus. In that case, why are the planes set up to train Israeli pilots?

What other countries? Turkey what? Put Syria at least the latest aircraft, there will be no sense. Since the level of training of pilots is incomparable.