Terrorist attack aboard a Russian airliner in Egypt: first names of terrorists named

The names of the terrorists who blew up the Russian Airbus A321 over the Sinai Peninsula became known.

The tragic plane crash that occurred in 2015 over the Sinai Peninsula still raises a lot of questions about why the Russian passenger plane was blown up, however, today the names of the terrorists who planned this attack became known.

The evidence was given by the terrorist Khaled Hayat, who was detained in Australia, who was planning to carry out a similar attack in Australia. According to him, behind the terrorist attack aboard a Russian passenger airliner is his brother Tarek Hayat, and, quite unusual, Danish citizen Bazil Hassan.

It is noteworthy that both terrorists are well-known throughout the world, in particular, the same Tarek Hayat was sentenced to death in Iraq, while Basil Hassan is known for the fact that most of the terrorist acts he planned are associated with a thorough study of the imperfection of aviation security, in this connection, experts suggested that the idea to install a bomb on board the aircraft belonged to him.