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Teresa May: the British Air Force is ready to fight with Putin's army

The British authorities are preparing for an open military conflict with Russia.

Known in the UK edition of "Express" published an 15 March 2018 article, which reports that the British Prime Minister Teresa Mei is preparing for an open military conflict with Russia.

It is reported that, according to Therese May, the British Air Force is ready to resist Russian aggression in case of its manifestation, in particular, the Prime Minister stated that currently there are 888 military aircraft and 386 helicopters that are "capable of ... to repel any attack ... ".

With what exactly is the statement of Therese May, so far it remains unknown, especially since Russia does not think of any aggression, however, experts expressed the opinion that in fact, Great Britain is trying to conduct an information war, which can be called propaganda directed against Russia .

Independent experts, in turn, recalled that, in the opinion of all the same American experts, the Russian Aerospace Forces are capable of defeating NATO in an open confrontation in just a few weeks, while it is important to take into account that the Russian Aerospace Forces include more than a thousand combat aircraft alone and over seven hundreds of combat helicopters, which is many times greater than the military potential of Great Britain.

Let though who comes to us! Let's hang anyone, let it be the Yankees, or the English .... The Russian spirit is in us, and it can not be defeated!

Leave the GDP he did not betray us, he is clever and will not be like a tramp old freak and mei sick mentally unleash a war.

Putin said that they would answer in the event that the lives of our conscripts would be threatened.

How many of you in the Kremlin brechete.Vy also promised the Russian people to answer in Syria, and where your answer. Again another blah blah blah. I'm sorry for Rossii.Gde is our Putin, where are you, because in you people believed, and you are another blah blah blah.

It does not seem. Where do you get this information from? Not otherwise with Bandera fakes? Do you believe in yourself? Or just mowing under the village simpleton?

And you guys do not think that the GDP for a long time we sold as the whole of Russia, they will destroy us and he and his entourage will live on, after all, why does the GDP become more and more rich and build factories and ospabniki

Eksperd, first study the material part, how much the "mistress of the seas" of that fleet has left afloat. The slave always brags about the merits of the master, and you, Ukrainians, for some reason, praise the weapons of your lords.

DANILYCHI AND OTHER - stop writing nonsense about the use (criminal and prohibited) of special-purpose heads to create a tsunami in Britain. Read books and articles-this method does not cause strong tidal waves even when using large calibers. All ports are in the mouths of rivers. Virtually no one will notice your heroic attempts, even if (in the unlikely event) the British fleet will not capture your boats and boats.

varios politicos ingleses. fueron piratas, son piratas, y seguiran siendo piratas

well, yes naaernoe .. ready to fight ... And the British are ready for the fact that near the shores of the island suddenly bubbling a tenth of the possible nuclear charges that will cause a wave ... just a wave? height consider yourself ... counted? and now count the wave if half the charges are bubbling?

IGOR - YOUR QUOTE "ANTI-SHIP MISSIONS DO NOT NEED ANY GUIDANCE" I will hang on the wall in the headquarters. And so, read the books of Shirokorad or Lawrence, you will understand. No one has the resources for total surveillance of ships. There will be a lot of drones coming soon - the situation may change. The ocean is big, there are few satellites. And no one knows where the PL-it is necessary to conduct a search operation. And about the likelihood of being hit by special ammunition, a comedy. You still write, all the officers are laughing (by the way, these are the issues they are dealing with). In the books, everything is written what and how and interesting.

Yuri, there can not be such a thing, if you are a participant of LUCAS, then you should receive a pension, my father received from me, and all the benefits, now he is no longer as 7 years old (my mother gets his pension as a widow, so contact the social .protection and pension fund, and you should count everything that you did not receive over the years.

Military losses in the USSR were approximately 11 650 000. the Germans lost more than 6 000 000.
Add how many Hungarians, Romanians, Austrians, Italians lost on the Eastern Front, add numerous Cossack divisions, who spoke on the side of Germany, Vlasovites, UPA, .....

From Fulton to Malta. All in vain. Now where and what will we sign. So I think that laws should be the same for everyone. Create a world government led by V.V. Putin, the international military tribunal to demand, impose a measure of responsibility for initiating military operations. Presidents who allowed the parliamentary demon to resign from the impeachment. Establish a world order in the interests of not frightening elites. but in the interests of ordinary citizens of the World.

Everything requires skill, hardening, training. So they train in a fit of rabies, but how, for what they will not undertake, well, it does not work. Well, how not to get mad, if in the 90s Russia was so covered, and that's it ... RUSSIA was already in their hands, only the angry people were afraid. And now Russia has revived and is confidently snarling, how can you not get mad. All Analysts, together with M.S. Gorbachevs received the "GOLD WAR" medals for victory in the Cold War, so many billions fly like a trumpet every day for promoting democracy and a better life for us, but we Pithecanthropus don't understand that abroad will help us. Now they spend on new ones on new agents to destroy Russia.


That's because of such scribblers and there is a lie about the Great Patriotic War.

Sitting in a castle and talking about your capabilities is one thing, another to soar and fly at an altitude of 12 meters at a speed of 000-1800 km / h and at the same time to fight is another. Ms. Mei, apparently, was spinning from a misunderstanding of the idea that was voiced to her. "Cold War" and a cold head are diametrically opposite things. Friend Teresa got excited, carrying out an assignment, as in his time W. Churchill.

KONSTANTIN, do not fantasize. The coordinates of a stationary target can be laid down in advance in the flight program. Modern anti-ship missiles direct the carrier itself, or another vessel (aircraft, ship, submarine) by approaching the target so that it becomes Closer than the horizon. The USSR satellite system "Malyutka" for the guidance of Granit and Onyx missiles for the Antey submarine has not worked for a long time. Argentines in the war in the Falklands equipped their Orion base patrol aircraft to illuminate targets for the most modern Exocet SE4 missiles (up to more abruptly Granites and Calibers in terms of target acquisition). Attack aircraft SUPER ETANDER, receiving azimuth from Orion at low altitude, broke through to the English. squadron. The British, realizing that it was difficult to shoot down anti-ship missiles, used an outdated but effective method - dropping dipoles from helicopters - foil confetti over the ships. So, the aircraft carrier Hermes was rescued - the missiles entered the foil cloud - they lost their target, quickly left it and captured the auxiliary aircraft carrier - ATLANTIC CONTAINERS. Zhahnuli so that the ship burned down with 15 planes Si Harier) (Book Shirokorad V. Modern rockets)

Michael ... I agree to all 100%))) This state pierces through the screen. Anger is dog's and incompetence. Illiteracy and lack of culture.

Aslan, I fully support you. I am also ready to go to war for my homeland in the forefront! And such as we are millions. Only traitors liberals are ready to betray Russia.

Michael, like an illiterate man, again want to upset you. Anti-ship missiles do not require any guidance. Missiles that require television, laser and thermal guidance are of another class. All ship groupings, both yours and the groups of the Russian Federation, are under close surveillance of various types of reconnaissance. The coordinates of the controlled objects (large ships and submarines) are known with an accuracy of + - 20 meters, so nuclear ammunition of low power is needed, so as you say do not sink all around. Why two, there is such an expression, is the probability of defeat. 2 of the nuclear item is 100%. In short, I will not lecture you, I have someone to do it. And write poetry, maybe this is your vocation, but not the military field.

NOTICE ALL HUMAN COMMUNITIES: Humanoid robots have long been invented by the Governments of America, France, Britain, Ukraine, Lithuania ... hide it, since they are these same robots. And now, when they captured the world, they began to destroy people. I'm sorry for you

You at least write without logical errors, or learn English better. And even better - write in your native language

"ready to resist Russian aggression", not "ready to fight" ...
And complete nonsense: "Russian Aerospace Forces are able to defeat NATO in an open confrontation in just a few weeks."
The Air Force of NATO exceeds the VCS times in 3 by the number of aircraft ...

At the moment Sergey. You are wrong. The Queen of Britain indeed, according to their constitution, has the opportunity even to remove the prime minister or dissolve the government or even start a war !!! BUT! It's only according to the constitution !! Which in this paragraph has long and firmly does not work in this respect and has only a formal format of politeness. Since the constitution of Britain does not change as well as the American one (it is only being supplemented and enlarged). And if in the Amer Constitution that in some states rabbits can not run on the streets or in some states to breed cats and dogs publicly, then you understand that no one will put them in jail or shoot them for sure. In Britain, for many decades, formally and practically power belongs to the Prime Minister and Parliament and the Defense Minister obeys them, as well as all other ministers or the army itself executes only their orders. And no queen of Britain (even if she really wanted to) would not be able to give anyone an order to start military operations, since she does not have any governing structures that would submit to her !!! It can only affect the media and arrange a couple of strikes, again through the same media, BUT, the real will be the decrees of Theresa May and the defense minister - must only obey it otherwise for him this day will end with resignation !!!

And who will be the homeland with GDP and Ko love?

The climax is this mothilde.
She was going to fight with Russia (they decided to throw out tampaks to the Russian army, or what?). She would use ..... pots and scouts in the kitchen to rattle and not airplanes with bombs to be played.
It is also Indian in Africa.
The old man did not get caught jumping his backside .... all pi .... ts war. The nail broke in its stupidity all .... .... tion.

None of the writers close know the possibilities of modern military equipment. Those who know, will not write. If 70 years ago Hitler had everything, in order to strike a nuclear strike with a missile in America, there was not enough time. And this is without satellites and nuclear reactors the size of a motorcycle engine. If your gadget is able to find your face in a crowd, then the missile precisely distinguishes a cruise ship from an aircraft carrier. In the 70-s the torpedoes were already able to conduct an independent search for kaadratam and in their memory the most probable noises of targets were recorded. Learn what was and imagine what is. Not even all Hitler's secrets are revealed.

The Masonic Doll Teresa and all of Europe and the EU and the North Atlantic all the water are muddying their shit on everyone, even if they try to start a war, I will be one of the first to defend the country and I will pressure those who go to lawlessness with us! Pysdolzhniki fucking and America and the EU and NATO, Masonic litter and the puppet!

Sergei, with everything you wrote about military and civil technology - I agree. However, you are mistaken about the British monarch. This is not hushed up, but according to their own laws ONLY the Queen of Great Britain can declare war, she can at any time declare an emergency or martial law, dissolve the parliament and declare absolutist rule. The royal house is now, as it were, figures purely representative, but this is for ordinary people. They do not attract attention to themselves, they are as if apart from all squabbling, but all politics is done not without their knowledge. By the way, countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, are part of the so-called British Commonwealth, and guess who in their laws is registered by the Supreme Ruler. Personally, I'm not sure that this is just a meaningless line, a tribute to tradition.

And everything went with Hitler. Why now will not go with May?
In Europe, more than three hundred US bases, then the whole of Europe on the team, letting the snot, along with tears, as well as with Hitler will go to win (once again) to Moscow.

If "Donald Cook" strikes now, brazenly being at the sight of our planes and Bastions, then they take us to "weak" - provoke a blow on him. What are you going to do? There are 215 sailors on the ship. Slightly beat - rotten eggs and tomatoes - funny. 1 Bastion-end-heap of corpses. The Moscow fuflyzhniki will say not to beat again in their pants.

Do not be so cruel to English peasants.

Figured it out myself?)

Eh Teresa, Teresa, you do not regret your people! You will drown the British islands, disappear in the abyss of the sea! And we are nasty to Russians.

This is just an information war that Russia is losing, unfortunately. But for now.

As demonstrated by the practice of 30 NATO countries will go to war 4-5 the rest will smoke nervously and see who wins. Only now there is a problem, the winner will not be, and the losers are even more.

As it turned out, the strength of the army is not everything. The length of the front, superiority in the sky, etc. is important. Everyone understood perfectly well that it would be unrealistic to stop them there when the fascists attacked, so the plan for the transfer of industry beyond the Urals was ready for a long time. It was decided that the commander of the south-western front ignored the order to bring troops into combat readiness, for which he was later executed by the tribunal for criminal negligence. And as we know, the southwestern front was attacked first and concentrated the great forces of the enemy. And at the expense of the number you are wrong. The statistics says that when they came they were about 6ml and we 2,7ml + 700tys recently mobilized, i.e. At the time of the offensive, the Germans had more soldiers and they were prepared by the battle.

You that the city? On the USSR was attacked by the Hitlerite kaolitsia whose army was 7 milionov.i entire economy of Europe with a population of half a milliard worked for this army. Today, the largest army in the world in the US ... 1.5 milionov.i and the USSR defeated this European Hitler kaolitsia.

you do not have the right infa. flew all. did you hear or read that somewhere there were not enough tomagafki? and why our vaunted with 400 did not bring down one? without Ukraine we can not make a rocket for them. it was she who supplied the missiles to them.

Hitler broke off his teeth about England. The USSR military leadership was destroyed. The country's potential was almost zero. There were two men: Hitler and Stalin. The US and England took the other side, and he won. We lost 42979000, and the Germans 6 million in attack. The common sense tells me that in any case the United States and England won. The Germans did not stay in the losers, and the Japanese too. How are they living, eh? Zombo box truth you will not be inspired. With respect.

What kind of allies !? The Red Army and the Soviet people defeated the Nazis, the allies crapped first in 42, then in 44

That would have you all on the cutting edge!

At the beginning of 1941, the Red Army outnumbered all the armies of the participants in the Second World War. So what? Did it help her? No! Allies helped.

Respect them and uvazhuha!
Putin's aggression must be resisted!

You are right dear. In wartime, without targeting anywhere. There are systems for this. And for peacetime, as you put it, the cruise liner is a civilian target and no one, if it is a provocation, will not shoot at it. The methods of target designation are in principle many, for that the military has a head and is given, not only to carry a wagon. Subtlety is already at least DSP information is not for everyone.

Is it not easier before the war with Russia to come to the Crimea and mention its elite warriors of the Crimean War. This memory allows us to give the choice of anika to the soldiers before their shameful escape to make a choice. We have a lot of land, but you can not turn it all into foreign cemeteries. Maybe I'm wrong, please be so kind.

For the truck and the stew of the USSR parted. this help was not free!

For Igor, the poems are patriotic.
Many NATO old people, coming to the resort
hang out the flags of their cities on a beach umbrella.

Recently, on vacation, in Egypt,
On the beach I saw the alien flag,
Its kind of ugly
I was a little offended ...

Eagle-plucked and wicked
I looked at everyone, saying I'm the king,
I knew where this bird-
And her native land is Tyrol

Similar ptah we are in 43 m,
at "Edelweiss" have seen
When the masters of their fascist
In a big hole left ...

And I decided, now in Egypt
I'll take the flag of Odintsov
On it is a deer our noble
And herbs greens, as the basis ..

But if NATO will decide
Touch this flag with your hands-
Deer is easy and very fast
give them all under the horns ..

Igor, you're wrong. You can not fire anti-ship missiles without guidance, as long as the active missile systems do not capture the target, and this is no more than 150-250 km. Well, how to pulverut somewhere for 1500 km? Yes there are hundreds of ships. It is necessary to direct -or systems of the carrier itself (HE DOES NOT SEE THE HORIZON) or a satellite system (which we do not have). The Argentinians beat from the 70-100 km of the English by the Exocet missile. It is necessary to SEE THE PURPOSE.
And so -fig in the cruise liner, that will stink! ДРЛО А50 can see ships BUT DOES NOT KNOW THE ROCKETS. Nashi Granites and Onyxes can be fired and for 700 km if in their heads lay images of the warrant and aircraft carriers. That's only in which direction to shoot and where to get a fresh image-we do not know, we need to send a target-target aircraft to a distance of 250 km (IL22) and it will be instantly struck down. AND WHY FOR 2 NUCLEAR HEADPHONES ON THE AVIANOSETS? 1 SPECIALTY CALIBER-50KT WILL DESTROY ALL SHIPS IN THE RANGE OF 3 KM, AND 5-7 KM LEADS FROM STORY. Further poetry.

Mikhail, you have pleased me with the march of the gunners, but the march of the aviators is certainly closer to me. As an illiterate person five times, I would like to remind you of such anti-ship systems as: "Onyx" - the range of destruction of ships of 500 km., "Basalt" - 550 km., "Granit" - 625 km. Almost all of them have been replaced by "Caliber". Range 1400 km. 2 pieces are enough for one aircraft carrier. in nuclear design. Further. You greatly overestimated the range of carrier-based aircraft. All flights are advertising and crew training. When loading weapons, the range is reduced by at least a third. So read the literature, do not forget to consult with a specialist in aviation, T.M., and hello to specialist B.D.!

Dear, [email protected]... I would like to remind you of the results of the launch of Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian airbase: a total of 59 were fired. 23 units flew to the base. At the same time, 6 soldiers of the Syrian army were killed and 6 old Soviet-made aircraft were destroyed (damaged). If the United States fights like this, it somehow calms me down. And the runway in order flew from it the next day. So hello to Trump!

Hello, fighters. # $ # $ # Homegrown experts are making a fuss on both sides. Talk about it, your mother, as if playing a computer game. My parents were children during World War II and I still hate venal Europe, which has attacked Russia under the leadership of their # $ # $ # $ Fuhrer. Now Russia has again become across their throats, though the Fuhrer is different. You know, critters like me will tear your teeth if we run out of planes, tanks and Kalash. And Russia will begin where the last Russian remains. And if not, then # $ # $ # generally such a planet.

Which times and all on the same rake, when will the history teach them ??

How many white young educated men and women must die on all sides of the proposed conflict, so that one strange woman would be happy? Teresa, you are not in a trend. Please take your Minister of Defense's hand and resign immediately. Although, a young man can just apologize for the first time. Thank you .

IGOR, CAN NOT BE EXCLUDED 5 THESE UNLOCKED MILLS UNKNOWN ROCKETS WHICH CAN ATTACK AVIANOSECONS AND THE START RANGE (250 KM). and NOW NOW THE RADIUS OF ACTION OF DECK AIRPLANES WHICH ALL ITS AIR, MARINE AND UNDERWATER OBJECTIVES DESTROY ITSELF (I THINK 900 KM). And how do you get the aircraft carrier? Without Chinese systems, Dufen 21 is an icon and she is extremely doubtful. Read books, you'll be smarter.

Europe as was wild, and has remained! People do not change, life conditions change! Englishmen were bandits, thieves and liars so they stayed! Europe as it was rotten, with its intrigues and conspiracies has remained! Only for some reason, it still does not reach them that jokes with Russia are not necessary! Few they raked from the Russian army, apparently the narrow-minded people in Europe live that way! And it's unclear why they have an army run by women !? Why hysterical women decide how to live and what to do to others!

so this is with the name of Christ, the Americans dropped two atomic bombs into two peaceful cities in Japan? with the name of Christ destroyed the Indians in reservations? and with the name of Christ, the English and English would cut out all of Russia, if they could.

58 of 59 Tamahawks have reached the goal. One rocket lost control, fell, found deformed. Israeli intelligence images showed 58 funnels.

For Igor, my poems

For a long time our uncles talked
that our time has already passed
that it is equal to America
To us in this life it is fated,
that their ideas and products
heavenly manna to us go,
and congressmen from the Potomac
we all will be dismantled on the shelves.

But you see someone is not happy
Such a good fate
And he is in desire to be himself
He leads the people to work and fight.

I believe the "March of the Gunners"
we will hear more than once,
but with new words:
"The gunners - Putin gave the order!"

you saw her ? except in Africa! Somalia for example.

Theresa May seems to have an army of Voldemort! The secret weapon of the British!

Michael, and who said that Russia wants as you described in your script to the militant (see below), decided to break through to the UK with the help of aviation? You and Taraza, I have a lot in common. You even suggested walking. And about the aircraft carriers, so your favorite America drove 2 ANG to the shores of Korea, and washed! Aircraft carriers in modern warfare are the best targets for our (RF) missiles, no one will bomb them. Our nuclear stations are protected by modern electronic warfare systems and C-300. And in England they are supposedly protected too, only these missiles are already under the fence for years. Remember the attack of the airfield in Syria. How much there where that flew to, laughter! So do not move to England, just to America.

Really in England there is not one man to caress and reassure a poor woman ???

Do not break boundaries. Who is cooler:? Looking than we will shoot. After the VKS of Russia will fly over its territory, and destroy it from the outside. Do you need a lot of equipment? Hand out shells, missiles and kerosene.

I tried to read all the comments! I did not master it! My head ached, fell to pieces! What are the answers, I cannot reach this level in IQ! I'll go take a pill for a headache and watch the cartoon "Manya and Misha" to calm down)))))

Prose is powerless.
Assignment to Lavrov S.


Smile and enjoy reading the "angry philippics" of your politicians ... they seem to have much more chromosomes than you do))) But to your regret, the increase in chromosomes, as well as their decrease, is a chromosomal abnormality, a disease that is not treated. You are terminally ill. And I'm sorry for you. God with you!!!

This is a site for olnochromosomal. "Russia is invincible, but absolutely innocent, there are all enemies around, especially NATO and the Americans" ... Oh, damn it, you don't know how to laugh or cry while reading this .. (

Here I completely agree with you. These grief patriots do not understand at all that war is primarily an economy.

You first finish the Kerch bridge after we talk about England))) land-bearers))))

888 and 386 are only in Britain, and in the rest of Europe, the combat aircraft is 112? And the United States is part of NATO? If they are, why their aviation is not counted? there is evidence about NATO, so there is an impressive picture in which NATO has 3862 aircraft, thus outperforming the minimum three times RF.

What kind of nonsense is this mare? Have you ever read what you wrote? I have a niece 10 summer is better to write a thought. To read it is impossible! The international community, you mean 53 Milan of the Russian degenerates, having entered tires into the war with the world ..) Vrun, and a liar and a liun to oneself, and a common God's sense within people
Translate. what did you write?
If you do not distinguish civilian industry from military industry, I feel sorry for you. Since the 2 of the World War, the USSR has hit the whole world with its military industry and the number of breakthroughs in military affairs. Tanks, Airplanes, Ships, Small Arms, Infantry Cars, Air Defense, Helicopters! IN ALL TYPES OF TECHNOLOGY WE ARE EITHER THE BEST IN THE WORLD, OR ONE OF THE BEST. do you equate all this to a citizen now? my dear, I’ll tell you a secret perhaps, but the military industry is not even adjacent to the civilian. Military scientists do not work at AvtoVAZ. These are the country's priorities, making weapons BETTER ALL. and we are doing so that such weapons 10 will not be developed yet by England, the United States or China. And the same illiterate fuckers like you will sit and fap on F35. About religion in general, it looks like you're sick ...
THE KINGDOM OF ENGLAND CHAPTER. If you did not know, the Queen of England is not the head, she does not decide anything in the country! It's just a title and that's it! A decision is passed by the parliament and it does not even need a signature of the Queen! you can see your level of development, even the children know about it ...

Tin! One page of komentas has taken out a brain! So much information and all the way to prove prove))) this impression all have access to secret documents of all countries))) I alone believe that people are superfluous on the globe? It's time to give this planet to normal owners! You are all ridiculous with your views on the world around! Start the war for the complete destruction of mankind, free the planet for any representatives of at least flora, even fauna!

My nephew 14 years brought an interesting calculation, made optional in physics. In Western Europe, about 100 nuclear power units. If someone will cause at least 3 ground hitting a missile with special units 300 CT on 1 reactor in Britain and 2 in France, based on the average amount of radioactive substances in the core of reactor types, the height of the release of contaminated soil and wind rose over 10 days in the territory from west to east from Portugal to Poland and from Scotland to Africa - from north to south on the surface of the earth, the radiation level will be at least 4 MPC-for a period from 50 to 500 years. This level of radiation causes people's diseases and disability for 1 a week with poor prognosis. I am against such methods of war.

no, Teresa is not a senile to start a war with RUSSIA, she only has climacteric personality changes. And this means that she can enter into any verbal diarrhea, but before the delusions are realized, she will simply not be allowed another puppet policy of the cabinet.

That's what it means to choose a woman (and all women, according to scientific research, inherit hormonal dysfunction) into power. Hormones in an elderly lady go off scale.

You're a mental impotent! Not Ireland, nor Wales, to fight for England not will and to fight with no one! It will be because the Nazis wiped out all of Europe. And the Russians will go on the heads. If they piss off are our rulers and how do you barking of the poor of the country!

Bravo brother! Russia is not Falkland with wooden pies, we have a stronger head ...

Igor, do you want to imagine some fantastic conflict - Britain - Russia. Without nuclear weapons and ALLIES, planes are steeper. WILL NOT AVANONOUS GROUP WITH NEW AIRCRAFT KUIN ELIZABETH (50 decked F-35 and old Hermes (20 Xi Harrier) and Inflexible (25) OUR TU22 (54) and TU95 40 Шт are bursting under the cover of fighters through the North Sea to the British Isles for (only why is it not clear) and the British cruisers and frigates-surely, are successfully blocking the advance of the attack and assault forces of the Northern Fleet in the Norwegian and North Seas.Our fighters will operate at the maximum radii of action, covering our A-50 drill and the bombers and refuellers of IL-76 and fall into the water on the way back.This was the kind of thing the Falklands had in. A good story was left to add intelligence and love and the scenario for the gunman was ready.

Theresa, too, has already turned like Yeltsin on free cognac !!

Michael, of course 10000 thousand paratroopers, 20 tanks and 60 downed German aircraft turned the course of the Great Patriotic War and the whole story. But we need to take into account the progress of rearmament in Russia and NATO. The average age of NATO combat aircraft is 20-50 years. Even if you take into account the regular deep modernization of the fleet, all the same, your beloved Britain will not be able to give any small rebuff. It's not Falklands with wooden pies.

Independent experts, in turn, recalled that, in the opinion of all the same American experts, Russian military aerial reconnaissance can defeat NATO in an open confrontation in just a few weeks, while it is important to take into account that the Russian military aviation system includes more than a thousand only combat aircraft and more than seven hundreds of combat helicopters, which many times exceeds the military potential of Great Britain.
FUNNY devilish Propaganda of stupid, blind liars ... ... MILITARY NATO BETWEEN HIGHER, QUALITATIVE AND SNEMOVER, ABOVE HIGHER QUALITY, TECHNICAL SUPPORT, ABOUT THE LAST ABOUT RUSSIA TO SPEAK NOT TO COME ... AS ONLY THE RUSSIAN CONFLICT WITH NATO .. CHINA IS THE ENEMY OF RUSSIA, NOT A FRIEND ... IF YOU DO NOT GIVE GOD, YOU SHALL DISCONNECT CHINA, FROM THE WORLD TRADE, A GREAT NEIGHBOR, NEARBY ... AND THROW THERE WHERE THINK IS, THIS IS RUSSIA ... ALL FOR THE REPENTANCE OF THE GREATEST SISTER OF THE WORLD AND ALL WE ARE ENGLAND ... PENTHOUSE, YES OVERCOME CHRIST CHRIST CHRIST CHRIST CHRIST YOUR CE DKA SEMINAR ... SHOW ... and turn ... FROM LIES and spiritual arrogance ... Blind blind man is leading the regimes of Russia ... Christ is in your heart ... There are no Orthodox and LEFT glorious, there is a body of Christ and this is the whole world .. Pardon the Lord with you to share, the wilderness of your God ... Christ came to save, and not to kill under his name ... Yes, God will help you get rid of yourself ... ... We will keep people ... Blind Null.

WHAT IS THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY? (The international community means you 53 Milan Russian degenerates, joining tire war with the world ..) Liar, liar liar himself, and common sense in ogod people ... Look MACHINE outside the window, which technique is better ...?! How many plants and resources are better and more and without end ... Russia is a taiga and without people ... Their lands are mastered ... And written by factories and industry ... War with England, this is automatically a war with Australia, Canada, Wales ... Irishman, Scotland and 10 and more of the COUNTRY states. . Queen of England's head of state ... YOU ARE BAD PEOPLE ... pulled the world into war, ONLY ONE your tribe, spirituality DOMAIN PEOPLE, obsessed with the idea that Christ loves only YOU ... the Bible says God so loved the WORLD ... NO NOTHING COMMON TO THE FASCISM OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE AND THE SOVIET UNION ... THE WINE OF THE SOVIET UNION WAS ONLY IN ONE SINCE, SIN, THAT HE WAS ATEIST .. BUT IT'S ALSO, AND THE TRUE LINOLEUM ENGLAND ETERNAL LIFE., Jesus THE LORD ... TO ALL PEOPLES AND RASSES And the tribe ... the war with England war with all the English, French, German, and pro-Russian ESTANSKIM Church in Germany and the world ... QUEEN OF ENGLAND CHAPTER ... Putin led people to hell ... arrogance ... God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son ... Where is the PRO RUSSIAN?

Britonski lіtaki u vіdmіnomu stanі, vіdmіnu vіd Moskovskis. I do not talk. I head of staff in their head, and not with dzhizhkami for kapusty, on the shoulders.

In Britain, 4 nuclear submarines on 16 Trident missiles each with a MIRV-10 system of separate 300 XT guidance warheads Will it be small? This 480 warheads in the Norwegian and North Sea are ready to start in 2 minutes. And always in the sea 3 from 4 (in contrast to RF when 14 from 3 also in the sea). Time COMPLETE (not flight, if you understand) to our cities and bases - 12-17 minutes. It's all-it's worth Mey's finger to move. And without any Eurofighters and f-35, they will not be needed. And on the islands by agreement 2002 year amerikosy keep a minimum 50 bombs edenyh. Do not get too freaked out in this situation.
And about Stalingrad, in the sea of ​​fire that was ravaged by the Germans, there is a share of both American and English flames -Although all the Katyushas BM13- widely used in the offensive near Stalingrad were US6 STOCKBACKER ((MORE THAN 1200 INSTALLATIONS) and 450 airplanes - mounted on the chassis of the US TRUCK AEROKOBR and 150 Bucher bombers in the sky only had Stalingrad, and they had their medicines, radio stations, complete hospitals, generators, tents from amerikos, and all they could ...

Tell me more that the allies surrounded Stalingrad and the surrender was accepted by Paulus. For help, of course, thanks, but it was not free !! So there's nothing to multiply it. Has seen enough of a diskoveri

how many nuclear weapons do we have in England and how many do we have? they want to make war easy.

Russia, as the legal successors of the USSR, has vast experience in moving huge volumes of land over long distances.
Britain today has a big problem: the strait of LaMansh has become too narrow. So it is trying, in this way, to sign Russia for its expansion.

Losers Evgeniy- with persistence you crawl on INETU- and conclusions nepravilnye- COLLECTION Honor Order of the ground forces GERMANY 1939-1945 (author background Rogge) and see what the panic was the Germans during the landing in Deppe- directly on the offensive in the east. And in Iran 1941 godu- British captured, agreed and paid off our all-arrived in the north of Iran and replaced signs on offices and road signs on Russian. (Source MILITARY ACTION IN THE MIDDLE EAST 1941-1944 of A.KANNIGHEM)

Prudish and pompous Anglo-Saxons without oatmeal and chocolate pudding in general can do nothing.

Sit quietly in your city, you better not threaten a bear
and do not give us carte blanche to move through the manatee.

I finished off the headline: "British Air Force is ready to fight Putin's army"! Or maybe it should be right that "Theresa May Air Force is ready to fight the army of the Russian Federation"?

Britain does not have any chances they only have maize

The English are disgusting and always harmed Russia, but they are good warriors and the EGE sacrifice must be aware that in 1982 the English, for 12 thousand nautical miles, defeated the Argentines within a few days. With huge losses, for Argentina

In 1982, Argentina lost the battle for the Falkland Islands and lost its military three times more than Great Britain.
So if you want to say something, then tell the truth, and do not invent it.

20 tanks forced to suspend the offensive on Stalingrad? Has Iran been captured by one United Kingdom? Misha, read the history books

Do not understand what the scandal with the fishermen will lead to? In the near future, a Ukrainian boat will try to seize one more of our ships, if at least one one dies during the shoot-out (they will fine-tune it) the Ukrainian military - the whole West will announce a ban on maritime communications with Russia FOR OUR VESSELS and our ships will not be accepted. How do we export grain? Yes, I think and cancel flights to our airports. Will we fly through Minsk?


You probably live in a cave. And the British do not need to be afraid of warriors, they are useless. In 1982, even Argentina, an agrarian country with an old fleet, was kicking off. So that's bravado. And Russia has the best technologies in the world is a fact and it is recognized by the world community. So be proud of our people. Do not swindle.

What, in general, the conversation ?? If at the European Football Championship 15 Russian fans were flayed by 400 Britons.

The English envoy J. Sommerwil in Moscow in 1847 wrote: "Muscovites are sleepy, prone to idleness and drunkenness and bribes, after reading the newspaper, they begin to curse Britain and our Queen and blame her for all their troubles." Doesn't it look like this forum?

Watch the movie Dunkirk and everything will fall into place!

10000 marines and whole 20 tanks ?? in 42 year? To France??
Are you Ukrainian? which 45% of the ground forces, you at least read the methodology, the historian ...

2 nuclear warheads and there is no island or 1 northern fleet without the use of weapons of mass destruction and all

Michael, it's clear not from those books you studied history, and not in that country were born. Correct the case, go to the West you love so much, live in peace with your historical half-truth.

England, do not be ridiculous ..... she is already so funny. Your poor spilled ale island. Dive into the Atlantic as an ax in the water. It's enough to us to produce an underwater explosion in the Atlantic Ocean of a hydrogen bomb and the Gulf Stream will change the current.

yes, no one will attack us, Pukin and Co. are good at destroying Russia, but about technology, we do not even have a calculator.

Mishenka you still say that we are the USSR or RUSSIA, as you please do not fight at all

What ugly and incompetent officials sit in the supreme power of England-shameful and repulsive for them-the passionate aggressors themselves-everywhere-the slaves-had slaves and the democracy in them, from which the frost runs through the skin-can calm down-or everything

May, as usual, is lying, then he is ready to attack Russia, then one word of false Britain will reflect any aggression.

Victor, you're a history dvennik, so you can see from the Soviet textbooks. Up to 45% of Germany's ground forces were already in 41 year in Europe and Africa. Already at 41, the British Air Force forced Germany to remove the fleet from Brest in France and break through into the North Sea. In 1942, Britain seized Iran, solely for the purpose of organizing a powerful channel of assistance to the USSR. In 1942, more than 10000 British marines of 20 tanks landed in France. In the air battle over Dieppe, 60 German planes were shot down. Courage of the British forced to stop the offensive on Stalingrad. 20.09.41 in Anadyr began to arrive equipment for the runways from the US - for the organization of aircraft supplies. Already in 42 year, therefore, the route arrived 7400 aircraft. Few? And the strikes of the Allies in Africa-put an end to the Germans' plans for Asia.

As soon as you take a place in the Kremlin clan, today's all-hated clan by you, you will immediately become the hated Kremlin clan that must be destroyed. And they will write a post: "The poor man who has seen himself out of the mud rowing everything for himself and does not understand anything either in international or domestic politics. Down with the Kremlin clan." And no one said that the first secretary of the district committee was a thief. And as for the Kremlin celestials, and in general only with a breath and "a feeling of deep satisfaction. So sit, everything is not so bad. And there will be no war in its full sense. There are no fools."

About the fact that delayed 45% of forces - it's you who lied clearly, percent 5 and no more.
Compare the number of Rommel's divisions in Africa and how much it was on the Eastern Front.
How many English landed in 1942 in France? There's a battalion of saboteurs, they did not draw any forces from the Eastern Front at all.
Let me remind you that already at 1945 the Germans gave heat to the Allied forces in the Ardennes, and Churchill tearfully asked Stalin to start an urgent new offensive in order to draw German forces from the Western Front.

So, please do not touch the peaceful Ukrainians who have nothing to do with this junta at the helm. And do not call them Khokhlov, although they are Khokhlov))) In general, these are good kind people, but ... a little greedy))) I have a grandmother there under the White Church and she does not care about power, completely on an independent farm. Only coffee came, asks. She is 86 years old. So that

Whoever did not attack Russia from Batu Khan to Hitler, but the saying of Alexander Nevsky always comes true "Whoever comes to Russia with a sword will come from him and die" and so it comes true RUSSIAN PEOPLE ON KNE WHO DID NOT AND WILL NEVER DELIVER !!! !!!!!!!!

Rommel in general was an English agent and simply handed over to them practically no resistance!

30 minutes do not know, but two or three years will not buy anything in England (as well as the Turks, after the downed aircraft)

Russia attacked and was defeated in wars more than once, but won many wars, there was everything, learn history

Yes, your hands are short to wipe Russia off the map of the world. What are you barking about? Calm down, do not be nervous, do not get angry and do not envy: let us live peacefully.

What are the planes there? This is a flying trough compared to ours. There can only our one plane be required and that much will be. And look at these English warriors - pilots. There, some bearded women serve ... and ordinary women they command there. So this is not a bugbug in our address but an attempt to appease the British themselves. Arabs will come there soon and take them with their bare hands. Our only if any small drones with an HD camera will be sent to them, just watch them and neigh. As there teetzu mei migrants will learn to wear the hijab. :)))

It's very difficult to be politically correct ... But looking at this British feys-minded European-minded ... I remember a horror beat, and blow this bat out on a pumpkin! (No, well, it's not at all what you thought, we are civilized people in contrast to you this beauty MAY)

Gentlemen are not enough for the roller and it's left. If even a small part of the dryers go into battle, they will yell stronger than the Poles and the Balts with the Ukrainians together. Star-striped brother smokes on the side and waits for the first victims in any parties. Nothing personal business. Yankees though have armament but fart / weakness in the local /, so live Hotsa. Teresa buy binoculars around the water, the story will repeat itself but will sound Titanic 2!

and why she is so sure that there will be some kind of army, and not one medium-sized bomb, or the Spanish epidemic, as an option? In general, it's strange what they were rattling about ... a nation that had been beaten from time immemorial by all.

If we recall how the confrontation took place during the Cold War with the USSR, then for every aggressive word of Western politicians, there were always real actions. De Gaulle was convinced of this when he was shown "his missiles"! All aggressive statements are under real laser sights, and the order of their use is exclusively in the competence of Western politicians. Today Great Britain is the first!

Igor, read the story. Hitler hung over his head Britain, which in 1941-1942 actively fought in the air and on the sea with Germany, in 1942, ANGLICHANA HAVE PLACED IN FRANCE-DEPRESS AND DAMAGED BRAVE. In November 1942, powerful Anglo-American forces disembarked in Africa and, over 6 months, defeated Rommel's corps. Allies delayed 45% of forces from the Eastern Front. Supplies by convoys through Murmansk and Rezat-Iran amounted to 1942 million tons-materials, food, 6,5 tanks, 3000 aircraft, 5000 vehicles for 46000 year.

The guy came on vacation in his native village.
- Father, give the gun - I’ll go to the wolf!
- Yes you that! Your grandfather went to the wolf with a spear, but I went to the wolf with a bow! And you - with a gun!
The son did as he liked, took up his gun and went to the steppe ... A wolf comes out to him, and how he wounds! Djigit frightened himself with a fright, threw his gun and ran home.
"I did not get a chance to hunt, I lost the gun."
- Well, n @ zdets! ... Previously, the wolf had only a spear and bow, and now also a gun!

The only sensible speech. Thank you. And it's very scary of these bugbirds. Apparently clever Teresa already has nothing to lose. The eyes are extinct, the face is dead. Probably health is bad, the days are numbered, there are no children, grandchildren too. She has nothing to lose. And from here all this nonsense in old age agony.

And how much and what? countries helped in 41 and 42 years of the USSR?

DOES NOT EXIST / separate! And the whole of Europe and England just would not exist !!! There would be a "great Reich" ....

Well said, the observer! Well done!

A volley of one submarine, which can surface at the border of territorial waters with the UK, is enough for this island to become uninhabited.

Woodpecker, first of all the USSR of the masculine gender, because the Union, secondly, if my grandmother had ... Help was very necessary and thank you for it, but it is not the main thing.

Vitalik, before calling others idiots, would read historical documents and then you would know when other countries "joined" the opposition to the Nazis and what was their role in VICTORY.

Idiot, count how many countries helped the USSR. If the Germans attacked only the USSR, it would have long been non-existent ....

Indeed Aloha. He writes in the dead language of a dying country. You and the Donbas can not do anything, impotent. You are afraid of it as a fire and run out of boilers. Where can I judge Russia or the UK? The same thing that a knight with a spear and on a horse talks about tanks and airplanes.

They wanted to beat us, they tried to beat us, but we also did not sit, they were waiting for that! (MA Sholokhov "Virgin Soil Upturned")

I read it. Sober reasoning of mature people, fears of panic-strikers, already familiar cries of Ukrainians living in the manure of their pigs and trying to shower their president, who are suffering some sort of international isolation ... Yes, we! And we have a big country. And the president, and the minister of defense, and Kadyrov. Guys!
So calm down and live peacefully. And they went all these threeses pancake. About them still suffer.

"the country is in service with 888 military aircraft and 386 helicopters, ...
... The Russian Aerospace Forces include more than a thousand combat aircraft alone and over seven hundred combat helicopters, which MUCH exceeds the military potential of Great Britain "
IMHO Afftor not only can not count, but just a cretin.

Now calculate how many countries were against the USSR in the Great Patriotic War. And read what became of them, arithmetic ...

1-e: they fight not by number, but by skill;
2-e: the army wins, which has something to fight for.
Why fight europydoids? For the hysterics of the mad climacteric? (sorry for my French).
There is no reason to argue in principle. Whose army will find out more, as history has shown, many years after the victory. In principle, the one who finds the strength to not start a fight is stronger. And if you really started, you should not forget that yelling and math do not increase the accuracy of shooting.
Calm down, gentlemen, it's calmer, you need to hold your breath with pressure.

It's a pity, but the lowered British banners will not be carried across Red Square.
They will burn in a nuclear fire.

This is the role of a provocateur in a fight. She is forced to fulfill this role for her transgressions to please those who have long been striving for world domination. It is clear that the vaunted democracy simply does not exist. The West, regardless of elections in any Western country, is striving for world domination amid the silence of the Western "lambs". But there is a country of the victors of fascism and the West is too tough for it!

History and geography before writing nonsense, on the pre-Nistrian territory, Russia could not attack since we defended the pre-Nistrian territory, there are peacekeepers who are legally under the agreement signed by all parties. The piece is generally part of Russia. Georgia itself began military operations against South Ossetia and our peacekeepers. And Russia never came to Ukraine with the war, and the Ukrainians have already lost thousands of soldiers and a bunch of equipment, imagine how much Ukraine will lose if Russia actually attacks. And then you can only fight with miners and then not successfully. I advise you to turn on your head and turn off your zombie box

While we just gently defend ourselves and what you listed everywhere, Russia was not the first to attack, and tail wings are asking not to hysterize the freebies will soon be completely over, you understand ALL

the language of his own like this is not, they've been talking all their lives in Russian, they've had to play in Ukrainian, how many Russian people have fallen in the history of the warrior, defending Ukraine ..... and now they saw the enemy in us, you look at what you are doing then you will, if we come in the west and not be near?

Words are not a politician, but a dilettante. A combat aircraft is a strife for a combat aircraft. I strongly doubt that at least one British combat aircraft can reach Russia's borders from the territory of the Kingdom, it's not worth talking about. We also recently received information that the British lacks serviceable fighters to accompany our patrol bombers and hardly the situation has radically changed. In general: Well, well!

For this island, only one Kuzkina Mama is enough to erase it from the map.

Dwarfs? Canada on its territory, the second in size, after the RF. Or are you joking?