Theresa May


Teresa May calls for a new strike on Syria

British Prime Minister called for a new strike on Syria.

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the United Kingdom is ready to deliver a new devastating blow to the Syrian Arab Republic. The head of the British government noted that the UK fully supports the United States and is ready to provide all necessary assistance, including for attacking Syria.

“We condemn any use of chemical weapons. We are in close contact with the United States and are closely monitoring the situation. And if any use of chemical weapons is confirmed, we will respond accordingly. ”, - said May, noting that the UK is closely monitoring the use of illegal weapons in Syria.

Experts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that Syria has not yet acceded to the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, and therefore any claims to this country are superfluous.

“If British aircraft still take off from an air base in Cyprus, they are unlikely to sit back there. Now that C-300 is in service with Syria, the UK will not be able to do anything. ”- concludes the expert, noting that since 2018, the air defense system of the SAR has radically changed.

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Top secret! “PERCEST INDICATOR” - a rocket of the Soviet designer Academician Peresvet, equipped with a modern power plant, with no restrictions on the range and time of flight. Designed for the "treatment" of the island centers of war propaganda, 244,7 area of ​​thousands of square kilometers.
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The White House has long been running into a big fight with Great Russia, and it must be assumed that it will not get out of the pattern with censure. And what about his smaller brother? - Who constantly muddies the water and muddies those countries and the commonwealth with strong muscles. Do their own historical mistakes not teach wisdom, and conscience does not chew on those shameful times when he cynically provoked both world war massacres: in 1914 and 1939? Germany unleashed them. But he lit the matches and he added London to the fire. And the earlier, colonial wars, on which the present prosperity of Britain is based? - robberies and atrocities in Persia, in India, in China. The same slippery path trades today his overseas relative. But for crimes where millions of innocent people were laid on the altar of greed, there is no forgiveness from the Lord. A quick and fair outcome is already felt in the political atmosphere of the earth: a doomsday will come for both London and Washington ...

Intimidated. To horror. It's time for us to grease the heels. From everywhere, where they don’t like our presence without their special permission. Of course, if a couple of centuries ago they were considered a thunderstorm of the oceans and seas, then today it is painful to realize that they are a country, which, on occasion, is remembered that the Russian billionaire Abramovich is living there, and is the owner of Chelsea football club. And when suddenly a quiet whim descends on a billionaire, like a longing for native land, he can easily resettle this club to his homeland with his dollar will and make Chukotka the center of world football. As for the British, it will be counted as a big plus: they know how to play the ball. And about the "fear to horror," so our pilots also shoot accurately. And not only in Syria! To scare London in the dark with the shadow of Jack the Ripper. But not Great Russia! And the truth is, sometimes they really want, like the frog on the twig, just scream about yourself ...

It is necessary for Syria to sell ballistic missiles capable of reaching the countries intending to bomb it, and then they will leave her alone ...

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It is time to put a “devastating strike” on Britain itself, which is distributing chemical weapons and provoking militants to use them as a provocation to attack Syria. Pharisees, your mother !!!