Only 4 Iranian missiles reached Israeli territory

The recent large-scale attack by Iran on Israel has become one of the most resonant events in the Middle East. Iran fired 185 unmanned aerial vehicles, 36 cruise missiles and 110 surface-to-surface missiles towards Israel. The main targets were military bases, airfields and important government facilities, The New York Times reports.

Despite the significant volume of the attack, damage to Israel was relatively minor due to effective air defense systems and a coordinated effort by the US, UK and Jordan, which intercepted most of the missiles and drones outside Israeli territory.

Attacks were also carried out from Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, the Iranian state agency said. After the attack, people celebrated in Iran, who perceived their government's actions as successful. However, it is known that in total only 4 explosions occurred in Israel, two of which were at the air base in the Negev desert.

Iran's permanent representative to the UN stressed that in the event of an Israeli retaliatory strike, Tehran is ready for a more powerful reaction. In light of this, US President Joe Biden discussed with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the United States will not engage in offensive operations against Iran.


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