Al-Qaeda terrorists call for attack on Russia

Members of the terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda" are calling to unite against Russia.

Members of the ultra-radical terrorist organization Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia - ed.) Are calling on their supporters to start uniting against Russia. The call began by members of the al-Qaeda terrorist branch in Mali, who apparently began to suffer serious defeats in this African country after the start of deliveries of Russian military equipment and the probable deployment of Wagner PMC members in Mali.

In a published message, al-Qaeda calls for uniting against Russia. At the same time, the fact remains unknown whether we are talking about Russian military specialists present in this country, or whether we are talking about an attack on Russia and the Russian military.

Such calls from the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda cause very serious concern and, probably, if the calls continue, Russia can launch a military operation against terrorists in several regions at once, including Mali, Syria and other regions of the planet.

“The no less dangerous terrorist organization“ Islamic State ”(banned on the territory of Russia - editor's note) was successfully defeated, although it was considered one of the largest and most dangerous. If terrorists think that they can easily challenge Russia, it will be a huge mistake. ", - said the analyst

it is necessary to rename them to the "CIA gang" and offer a reward for the heads of their leaders

If the French in Mali did not "chew mucus from their nose," they would immediately give way to the Russians, and now there would be no one to call. Well, let them listen to Wagner