Terrorists attacked Russian combat aircraft over Idlib

Terrorists began to use air defense systems against Russian aviation.

With the resumption of attacks by the Russian air forces on terrorist positions, the latter began to use air defense equipment against Russian military aviation. We are talking about anti-aircraft mounts caliber 23-mm. and 37-mm. installed in the back of cars, which poses a certain threat.

The militants quite actively began to distribute photographs that depict the shelling of Russian combat aircraft. For unknown reasons, the corresponding video material was not presented, which could well indicate only another boasting of the militants, especially since recently airborne strikes were carried out from high altitudes, where fighters and bombers are quite difficult to detect.

On the other hand, if the information is true, an active operation to assault the positions of terrorists in Latakia and Idlib can be seriously complicated, because it is thanks to the support of the Aerospace Forces that the Syrian army is actively moving forward, freeing entire areas of settlements.

Judging by the information provided by the militants, the photographs were taken in early November.