IS terrorists tried to blow up the Turkmen embassy in Kabul

Islamic State terrorists tried to stage a terrorist attack at the Turkmen embassy in Kabul.

A few hours ago, two citizens of Pakistan were detained near the embassy of Turkmenistan in the capital of Afghanistan. allegedly intended to commit another terrorist act.

According to preliminary data, the terrorists of the "Islamic State" were discovered by local residents, who informed the Taliban about suspicious persons - during the check they found explosives, which the latter did not have time to activate.

It is noteworthy that less than a day ago, the Pentagon warned of new risks of terrorist attacks on the territory of Kabul by Islamic State militants. Considering that the militants Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) released from prisons several thousand terrorists of the "Islamic State", the threat of terrorist attacks remains at a very high level.

At the moment, there are no official comments on the incident from the Turkmen authorities, however, it was previously reported that terrorists may try to infiltrate Afghanistan's neighboring states.


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