ISIS Terrorists Attacked Chinese Military In Iraq - Beijing May Introduce An Army Of Thousands

Islamic State terrorists attacked the Chinese military in Iraq.

A few hours ago, terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) Attacked a Chinese oil refinery in the Iraqi city of Baiji, where, among other things, several dozen servicemen of the PRC army were stationed. Judging by the footage presented, the work of the refinery has been completely stopped - the complex of buildings is engulfed in flames, while local sources report wounded and dead among the citizens of the PRC.

At the moment, it is known that the territory of the oil refinery was fired upon using multiple launch rocket systems, although there is no official confirmation of this information so far, just as neither the Iraqi nor the Chinese sides comment on the information about the wounded and dead.



Judging by the footage taken from the scene, we are talking about very serious material damage.

Experts draw attention to the fact that China will not tolerate attacks from terrorists and may well send an army of many thousands to the territory of Iraq to protect its facilities located on the territory of this country, which can very seriously push the influence of the US army in the Middle East, especially given the serious confrontation between Beijing and Washington recently.