Taliban terrorists attack Iran - fierce fighting

Iran is attacked by the Taliban.

The Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Attacked the Iranian border, using anti-tank missile systems, hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, and heavy small arms for this. It is known that the attack took place on the southwestern border of Afghanistan. As a result, Tehran responded with the use of heavy weapons, including multiple launch rocket systems, self-propelled artillery pieces and tanks, completely defeating several groups of terrorists.

The circumstances of the Taliban attack on Iranian territory remain unknown, however, despite the clear superiority of the Iranian forces, the militants managed to capture several checkpoints. At the moment, information about the dead Iranian military is being specified, however, sources among the Taliban report the death of at least 20 Iranian military personnel and the capture of at least 16 more people.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the capture of one of the checkpoints on the border of Iran and Afghanistan. Moreover, apparently, the Taliban used heavy missile weapons, as evidenced by numerous parts of an unidentified missile that exploded.

At the moment, clashes on the border of Iran and Afghanistan continue. At the same time, sources claim that Iran has begun the transfer of heavy tactical missile weapons to border areas, preparing to strike at terrorist bases throughout Afghanistan.

Israel is the friendliest country.

The United States took up Iran with the wrong hands. It is clear why the Taliban were left with all the equipment and weapons.

The Taliban are acting quite logically * Spartacus also said that death from iron is better than from hunger.

There is an old English saying: "Don't wake a sleeping dog!" But the Taliban are not familiar with English.

And where is the opinion of experts on this matter?

The elders' elders in Afghanistan decided to thin out their military wing, so that the remnants of it after the clash with Iran could be put under their control ...

Great news! Again we will mediate and compel everyone to peace. And if it doesn't work out, the Taliban will lose most of their American weapons - that's also good.

Nothing just happens. The Taliban have a lot of weapons, but little money. Perfect conditions, right? Apparently their accounts will be unlocked soon.

Along the way, Israel is involved