Taliban Terrorists Officially Seize Panjshir

Panjshir came under the control of Taliban terrorists.

The leadership of the Taliban terrorist movement, after prolonged attempts to take uncontrolled territory in northeastern Afghanistan, officially announced the capture of Panjshir. Despite denials from the National Resistance Front, the Taliban have released video footage of the captured region.

The video footage shows the presence of Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) In Panjshir, which indicates that now almost the entire territory of Afghanistan is controlled by militants.

In another video, published by the Taliban, you can see the moment when the flag of the terrorist group was raised over Panjshir, which indicates that the data on the entry of terrorists into the region is true.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan numbered up to 15 thousand people and the likelihood that such forces were defeated by the Taliban in just a few hours is very small.

"Most likely, the Taliban took control of one of the Panjshir regions and thus use it as propaganda.", - the expert marks.

Earlier it became known that the positions of the militia were attacked by Pakistani aviation.


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