Taliban Afghanistan


Taliban terrorists entered the Panjshir Valley with colossal casualties ... and were forced to retreat

The most efficient division of the Taliban suffered huge losses, reaching the Panjshir Valley ... and was forced to retreat.

Members of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned on Russian territory - ed.) Report that one of the most efficient units managed to break into the Panjshir Valley, where the resistance forces are located. Nevertheless, despite the huge losses, according to preliminary data, about 250 terrorists were killed on the way, the Taliban were subsequently forced to retreat under the attacks of the Northern Alliance.

According to the data provided, the Taliban tried to quickly break into the defense area of ​​the resistance forces in Panjshir, however, the restored Afghan army opened fire from tanks and artillery means. As a result, most of the militants were killed before they could reach the entrance to the valley. The attempt to occupy the region was also extremely unsuccessful for the terrorists, since after an hour-long battle the militants lost about a hundred more fighters and were forced to retreat without achieving any success.

It is noteworthy that the resistance forces report that the Taliban used electronic countermeasures, although the latter are not armed with such complexes, not to mention the specialists who can control them. In this regard, the United States is suspected of a secret deal with the Taliban militants, since the last time such electronic warfare systems were used by the American military at the Kabul airport to prevent possible terrorist attacks.


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