Terrorists seized a Syrian tank during the SAA military operation

Terrorists in southern Syria have seized a Syrian army tank.

Terrorists occupying the region in southern Syria, during the SAA military operation, managed, under currently unknown circumstances, to seize a Syrian army tank. Information on this matter was confirmed by the corresponding photograph. Judging by the materials presented, we are talking about the T-55 SAA tank.

As the source notes, during the offensive operation to clean up the province of Deraa, the militants managed to get close to the Syrian tank and capture the combat vehicle. Information about this appeared a few hours ago, however, due to the lack of any evidence, it was considered initially unreliable.

How exactly the militants, who, according to Syrian sources, are financed by the Israeli and Jordanian sides, managed to capture the T-55 tank is still unknown. Judging by the photographs presented, the combat vehicle did not receive any critical damage, which indicates the fact that the tank's crew could have left the combat vehicle without permission.

Among other things, the sources of the militants report that during the special operation of the SAA, other vehicles were also lost. In particular, we are talking about a pickup truck and a supply truck, in addition, the terrorists managed to seize a fairly large amount of ammunition and weapons.

Unfortunately, in Syria, Russia is struggling with "symptoms" (terrorists), not with "disease" (USA, Israel, Turkey), this can go on indefinitely, you cut off the hydra's head, it grows two