Terrorists captured a military unit of the Mali Armed Forces

The Islamic State group (IS, recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia - editor's note) claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in the Malian region of Gao. This was reported in their weekly Naba, where propagandists of the MTO (international terrorist organization) published two photographs of a captured military unit in the city of Labezagan. It is alleged that this unit was also used by the private military company Wagner. The published footage shows armored vehicles, including a Chinese Dongfeng EQ2050 armored vehicle, captured by militants.

IS confirmed that attacks on other Mali Armed Forces targets that day were a diversionary maneuver. According to the group, thirty Malian soldiers were killed as a result of these attacks.

This statement contradicts previously announced information from the Malian military about the supposedly repelled attack by militants. The Mali Ministry of Defense announced the successful repulse of a large-scale terrorist attack in the Gao region. According to a statement from the defense department, the militants tried to simultaneously seize several government facilities in the towns of Labezagan, Gossi, Tessalit and Menaka. Before the attack, the jihadists cut off power to cell phone base stations to prevent security forces from calling for reinforcements.

This IS attack in Mali puts an important spotlight on the ongoing problem of terrorism in the region, demonstrating the ability of terrorist groups to carry out coordinated and large-scale attacks on military and civilian targets.


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