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Posted by ANDY RAIN | Source: EPA-EFE


Times: British Admiral Tony Radakin implicated in attacks on Russian Black Sea Fleet

UK Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Tony Radakin has been given an extension to his service until autumn 2025 at the request of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, despite the standard three-year term for the post. According to The Times, this decision is due to the high assessment of Radakin’s role in developing Ukraine’s military strategy and his contribution to coordinating support for Ukraine from NATO countries.

According to the publication, Admiral Radakin was actively involved in developing Kyiv's attack strategy on the Russian Black Sea Fleet and played a key role in "shuttle diplomacy" between Washington and Kiev, seeking to balance US concerns about its participation in the conflict.

This fact clearly indicates the direct intervention of Great Britain in the current conflict, which could definitely entail retaliatory measures from Russia.



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