Right on target! Embassy and military base come under rocket fire in downtown Baghdad

Iranian forces hit the green zone in Baghdad with precision hitting the US base and the embassy.

At least four rockets fired from a makeshift launcher struck precise strikes on the territory of the American embassy in Baghdad. Unlike most previous attempts by Iranian forces to attack the territory of the US embassy and the military base located in the "green zone" of Baghdad, this attempt was successful.

Judging by the photographs and video frames, we are talking about at least material damage, but sources in Iraq report a massive arrival of medical vehicles on the territory of the American embassy and a military base located here, which allows us to assert the presence of a large number of victims.

The fact is quite remarkable. that a number of sources on Twitter report that a small unmanned aerial vehicle was seen several kilometers from the green zone a few hours before the missile attack, which could possibly have been used to target the missiles.

There are no official comments from the United States on this matter yet, however, it is reported that the American air defense system did not work.