Only Russian air defense: Iraq did not find worthy competitors to the Russian S-300 and S-400

No rivals for the Russian S-300 and S-400 were found in Iraq, and negotiations are beginning to purchase Russian air defense.

According to a number of sources, as part of the consideration of the possibility of acquiring air defense and missile defense systems to ensure the protection of the country's airspace, the Iraqi authorities have unequivocally concluded that it is necessary to consider the purchase of only Russian weapons. At the moment, only the question is being decided whether the S-300 systems will be acquired or whether Baghdad should work in the future and immediately acquire the S-400.

“The Security and Defense Committee announced that they are forming a subcommittee specifically to fulfill the contracts for the purchase of S-300/400. The contract will continue after the formation of a new government. Security and protection covers more than just air defense. ”, - the source said.

Earlier in Iraq, they considered the possibility of acquiring Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian air defense systems, however, obviously, in Baghdad they could not find a more worthy competitor to Russian weapons, especially since Russia will also be very interested in the supply of its air defense to Iraq, since this is serious will undermine Washington’s position in this Middle Eastern country.

Considering the area of ​​Iraq, we can talk about the acquisition of 4 divisions of the Russian air defense systems, however, obviously, such a decision will be made on the basis of negotiations.