Russian troops


The total superiority of Russian troops over the Armed Forces of Ukraine was demonstrated on the map

The Russian army completely dominates the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the event of attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack the Donbass or the territory of Russia, the Russian side will have total superiority over the Ukrainian army. The deployment sites of Russian forces in relative proximity to the Ukrainian border were marked on the map. Judging by the information provided, there will be no chance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to withstand the Russian army in the event of Kiev's aggression.

On the presented map, you can see the deployment sites of the Russian land, sea and air forces. The clear superiority of the Russian army, concentrated near the Ukrainian borders, speaks for itself, however, according to experts, in reality, Russia only protects its own borders and shows absolutely no aggression against Ukraine, despite the clearly aggressive rhetoric of Kiev and NATO.

At the same time, experts note that Russia may send its troops to protect Russian citizens in the Donbass, as previously reported.

“At the moment, Russia is only forcing Kiev to a peaceful solution to the issue in Donbass. It should be emphasized that Russian troops are on their own territory, and therefore any arguments from Kiev and NATO countries that Russia is preparing an invasion are nothing more than far-fetched, at least until Ukraine decides to attack Russian citizens in the DNR and LNR", - notes the specialist

The number of troops, in itself, does not give anything. It all depends on who is defending and who is attacking. Defending is always easier, and losses will be much less. For a successful offensive, the advantage should be from 5 to 10 times. It all depends on the effectiveness of the defenders.

Yes, no one will send anyone anywhere. If they have been trumpeting about the war for half a year, then there will be no war. Relax the rolls.

Bullshit map. The arithmetic doesn't add up. The arithmetic will converge if each Ukrainian brigade is 10 thousand, and the Russian brigade is 2 thousand.

Numerical advantage does not mean an easy and quick victory. The Soviet Union, when it attacked the Finns, also thought so. Russia, when it attacked the small but proud Chechnya, also could not defeat 30 Chechen soldiers, now they pay tribute with money.

And what do the citizens of Ukraine in the Russian Federation?

Ukrainian common people are looking forward to the liberators. All bouquets are sold out and updated every day.

What are Russian citizens doing in Ukraine?



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