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Total destruction: in the United States recognized the defeat of its fleet in the Black Sea

The United States recognized the defeat of its navy in the Black Sea.

Despite the fact. Since the American fleet is one of the largest and strongest in the world, the United States of America recognized the loss of its fleet in the Black Sea in the event of a real military conflict with Russia. As American specialist Lyle Goldstein notes, the US Navy simply has no chance.

“According to expert forecasts, almost the entire NATO fleet in the Black Sea will be destroyed in the first hours of the war by Russian submarines, ground-based missile systems, missile boats and aircraft equipped with hypersonic anti-ship missiles, such as the Dagger complex”- “Tape” reports, citing Goldstein's arguments.

In fact, American warships will simply be sandwiched in the waters of the Black Sea without the ability to cover themselves in any way.

On the other hand, experts note that the frequent appearance of American warships in the Black Sea is nothing more than attempts to create provocations, however, the entry of U.S. Navy ships into the Black Sea immediately leads to the fact that they begin to control the ships of the Russian fleet and combat aircraft.

The Yankees can’t understand how, it’s probably not given to them that after the 3 of the World War, if people survive, they will be miserable mutants, incapable of life.

You can’t say more precisely.

All this is true, but what should American aircraft carriers do in the Black Sea, and most importantly, how will they pass in the Bosphorus and under bridges in Turkey?

Everything that is in the Black Sea - there is no need to track from the sides, from under the water or from the shore (although this happens) - because everything is tracked from the orbital group - in case of need, they will melt the kittens .. It’s a pity that all sorts of Bulgaria with Romanians are they don’t understand - and they don’t drive NATO ships away from the Black Sea - it will fly by the same way, for the company ...