UAV Hunter


Trump has issued a decree prohibiting the purchase of drones from Russia. Will this affect Orion and Hunter?

Donald Trump managed to spoil the reputation of Russian attack drones.

Already former US President Donald Trump issued a decree prohibiting the acquisition of Russian unmanned aerial vehicles, either systems or software, clearly damaging the reputation of the newest Russian UAVs - the Okhotnik drone and the Orion drone, and the latter has already begun to gain great popularity among potential Russian partners, after the aircraft successfully struck jihadists in Syria while remaining undetected by Turkish and US radars.

President Trump on Monday night issued a decree banning the use of unmanned equipment produced by 'hostile' foreign countries, calling it a threat to national and economic security. The Trump order said the move was necessary “to ensure the safety of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) owned, operated and controlled by the federal government; to ensure the integrity of American infrastructure, including the American National Airspace System (NAS); protect our law enforcement and military, and maintain and expand the capabilities of our domestic industrial base ""- сообщает edition "Patch".

At the moment, it remains unknown whether Trump's decree applies to all countries, or only affects the United States, however, experts do not see big problems from the actions of the former US President.

The Russian Okhotnik is designed to work in tandem with the Su-57 - so far, Russia's foreign partners have not placed orders. The situation with Orion is somewhat different, however, as practice has shown, most of the Russian partners do not adhere to the rules created by Washington, openly ignoring them, as Turkey, China, India, Egypt, etc. do. ", - the analyst underlines.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that such reinsurance on the part of Trump indicates the fact that the United States is afraid of foreign unmanned systems, including Russian ones, not to mention the fact that the publication of such a decree indicates that American drones began to yield to foreign counterparts, obviously, both technically and in terms of value.

The local presidents "issue decrees" !?