Rocket of the Stormy Petrel


Trump calls Russian nuclear power rocket “backward technology”

In the US, they called the Russian missile with a nuclear power plant backward technology.

The President of the United States of America Donald Trump, commenting on the explosion of the Russian cruise missile with the Burevestnik nuclear power plant, according to US military intelligence, called the Russian development backward, emphasizing that in the US there are similar technologies that are much more advanced.

“The United States is learning a lot from a failed missile blast in Russia. We have similar, albeit more advanced, technologies. The Russian Skyfall explosion caused people to worry about the air around the object and far beyond. Not good!"said the American leader.

It is not known what exactly similar and much better technologies were announced by Donald Trump, but experts pay attention to the fact that in the USA there are still problems with the creation of supersonic missiles.

It should be clarified that today there is no objective evidence that the Burevestnik missile was blown up at a military facility of the Russian Navy, however, the assumptions that the Russian military were testing the Zircon hypersonic missile, since the latter should be tested at one of the military enterprises in the Perm region.

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as always, Americans lie, at first they didn’t even believe that such a missile really existed

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