Trump announced his detention and called for mass protests

Donald Trump announced his detention and called for mass protests.

According to Trump, thanks to information leaks, he learned that his arrest was scheduled for March 21. The circumstances under which Trump is planned to be detained are still unknown. However, the former US president has already called on his supporters in all states of the country to mass protests, which is already the reason for the detention of Donald Trump.

One of the reasons for Trump's detention may be unauthorized access to classified information and the transfer of this information to third parties. If the information on this matter is indeed correct, then Trump may earn a real prison term and is unlikely to be able to run again for the presidency of the United States.

At the moment, it is known that Trump's arrest is planned in a case initiated by the Manhattan District Attorney's office. At the same time, there are suspicions that in reality several criminal cases may be initiated against Trump at once. Including, a number of sources report that Trump was found to have a large tax evasion.


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