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Trump refused to lift sanctions from Russia to help in the fight against coronavirus

Trump refused to lift sanctions against Russia in order to fight the coronavirus.

Despite providing Russia with assistance to American citizens by delivering specialized medical equipment and medical masks to the United States, it became known that Washington refused to lift sanctions against Russia in order to fight coronavirus and save Russian citizens. The United States supported seven more states, including the UK, Ukraine, Georgia and the countries of the European Union.

“The UN General Assembly refused to adopt the draft resolution on the lifting of sanctions. This was requested by Russia and seven other countries, RIA Novosti reported. “A small group of apologists of the sanctions policy (...) could not give up their politicized approaches and interests,” the agency writes referring to the Russian Permanent Mission. We are talking about the United States, the European Union, Britain, Ukraine and Georgia: it was they who refused to remove the restrictions. On March 26, Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Nicaragua, Venezuela and the DPRK called for lifting sanctions to fight the coronavirus. In particular, Moscow proposed the adoption of the Declaration of Solidarity, where it recognized the leading role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in combating the pandemic. ”, - about it сообщает "".

According to experts, the refusal to lift sanctions, even for a temporary period, creates serious obstacles to the fight against coronavirus.

These are obvious things. But our leaders do not understand this. Our naivety surprises me. At a time when the Russian economy is falling, no one will lift the sanctions. After all, the main idea of ​​the sanctions was the complete destruction of the economy, and then suddenly Putin proposed to lift the sanctions! Naive.