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Trump gave Russia an ultimatum threatening very painful consequences

Washington delivered an ultimatum to Moscow on nuclear weapons.

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has announced an ultimatum to Russia, the rejection of which will lead to very expensive consequences for Russia. According to the special envoy of the American president, if Russia refuses to comply with the conditions of the ultimatum, and its conditions are not voiced, then serious problems will await it - the United States intends to prepare a very unpleasant surprise for Russia with nuclear weapons.

“If Russia does not accept the US proposal to extend the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), then after the re-election of Donald Trump as president, the entrance fee will increase. Such an ultimatum was put forward by Trump's special envoy for arms control Marshall Billingsley in an interview with Kommersant. “I think that if by that time we do not move forward, then we will have a number of new conditions on which we will have to insist. But while the proposal remains in force in the form in which we made it, ”he added, noting that Washington could conclude the said agreement tomorrow. At the same time, Billingsley said that the United States is not afraid of Russia's possible refusal to extend the START Treaty. “We are going to modernize our nuclear forces. Russia has largely finished modernizing its nuclear arsenal. We are just starting ours. And we will be extremely happy to continue it without the restrictions provided for by the START Treaty, "- explained Trump's special envoy.", - the Russian information edition "" informs about it.

Analysts, in turn, believe that Washington is bluffing, very worried about the fact that Russia is developing new types of weapons, from which Washington simply has no protection.

“Trump is desperately trying to get a rating and demonstrate his strength in front of Russia - nothing more. If the United States had a weapon against which Russia would not have the means of defense, it would have directly presented it to the whole world, but when the Pentagon does not even have effective supersonic missiles, then what kind of hypersonic weapons can we talk about at all, which should be carried? 60 summer bombers ", - the analyst notes.

It should be noted that no official statements from Russia have yet been issued to the ultimatum delivered.

In some parts of the banana republics, the wages of workers will be higher than ours

Russia is not a banana republic to talk to on the terms of an ultimatum. Let them talk to their vassals like that.

North Korea, he has already set an ultimatum and is still waiting for it to be fulfilled. Shameful!

We always have an answer to every ultimatum. I think Trump won't like it. This is a Russian tradition, and we respect traditions.

Trumps come and go. And Russia remains. Good luck.

Pre-election campaign.

The "Special Envoy" has gone to waste!
Oh, what, what. Nuclear weapons are high-tech, perishable and costly weapons. Sales, storage without using it - considerable losses. And now Omerika cannot make up the financial balance in any way. People are less concerned with armament costs than with hot dogs.